Well here we go….my very first blog post! To start, I have NEVER blogged in my life before…that I can remember. Myspace (does it even exist anymore?) doesn’t really count as “blogging”. And other then that I just post on my other social media sites!

I will be mostly writing about my lovely bay mare, cue the name of the blog, Luna! She is my main mare right now. I do own a red mare as well, but she is leased out to a young rider who is kicking butt and taking names on her! Also, my crazy little Beagle cross puppy, Lexie. She keeps my Fiance and I pretty darn busy.

I will keep it short and sweet for now, until I can post a real blog post and update my “About me” Section.

Enjoy your day!

Ps. This wouldn’t be complete without a sassy photo from the mare!


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