So that’s how you do it…

After nearly a YEAR without having a dressage lesson with my dressage coach… IT FINALLY HAPPENED! And it was glorious!

I was doing a lesson every other week at the old barn with her and the second last lesson I was supposed to have, Luna decided to run around her paddock like a Luna-tic (get it? haha) after they brought her sister in for the night and fell over slicing up her leg! Then the day before the next lesson (2 weeks later) I brought her in and her face was HUGE!

luna face

I had been there less then 24 hours before and she DID NOT look like that! Vet came out the next day and without seeing her she said “Oh it could be a broken jaw” …… Well it wasn’t. Appeared to be a fracture in one of her teeth. 3-4 weeks of antibiotics later and it went away and hasn’t come back since. Phew! BUT that did give us more then a month off by the time it was all over with. And by the time she was fit enough to make it through a whole lesson my coach was off to Florida for the winter šŸ˜¦

Fast forward to when she was on her way home, I had moved to my new “winter barn” and started jumping more. Of course this barn was on the OTHER side of the city and I was the only one that was lessoning with her there. That and she was on baby watch. And then I moved to Luna’s “summer home”.

But FINALLY we could get together for a lesson last night! Of course I was running late and got there AFTER she did but I got ready in record time! Luna was awesome. The weather was iffy, windy and kind of chilly but she warmed up well and after the ride the night before I was extremely happy.

We worked on our crookedness, and she gave me some great exercises to work on. As well as fixing my over active seat in the canter. Which has been a part of our issue over fences. The difference it made was awesome. Hellooooo dressage pony! The Freestyle in her definitely came out to play last night!

Here is an obligatory Luna picture! I love this picture of her and her mama. They are both so full of ‘tude.

baby luna

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