Little bit of nothing.

Well nothing too exciting has happened in my life lately. Which is why I haven’t updated in over a week! Pony got her feet done last week and we decided at the last minute to try and get shoes on her but my farrier didn’t have the time to get them on…which means she is a bit tender right now from the rocks in the arena. The ground has been super hard too which hasn’t helped!

And then there was today…

The horses stayed in their small paddocks vs going out to grass because weeds in the area were getting sprayed. Well clearly Luna and Twiggy decided it was time to screw around! I get out there, once of her duct-tape booties is still on and mostly in one piece from last nights hoof packing, the other was lost in the mud and her right front was….interesting looking. Clearly they were fooling around a little hard. Puffy and lumpy. Yippee. It wasn’t hot and it was hard to tell if her feet were ouchy or her leg was sore! OYE!

I did find out this weekend I have a new talent….MAKING SANGRIA! Oh man am I good at making Sangria! OMNOMNOM! Shout out to Lemon and Lace for the recipe! I put peaches and raspberries in it and used the chardonnay (different brand though) as suggest and it was delicious but deadly.

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