Well That Isn’t Fair!

Rain, rain, rain and more rain. That is what is in the forecast over the next few days! Yes, we really do need it, BUT, not all at once!

noah guy

And of course the mare isn’t sore anymore!!! WHHYYY?!?!?!? 40mm between right now and the end of tomorrow. Rain + no indoor arena = no riding for this girl! I guess there will be lots of brushes and hand grazing till it is somewhat dry out. That also means one wet, soggy dog in my car! Good thing she doesn’t get dirty being a white dog!

I have also finally found a pair of boots that I want to buy : Back on Track Royal Open Fronts! They JUST came out with them and we are getting the “dressage” version into the tack store I work at early next week so I am hoping that they can get added to the order and come up! I have been looking for a pair of open fronts with the tab closures that fit Luna’s leg’s for quite some time now. I have my coach’s leather lined Veredus boots that fit but I haven’t ridden her in them not have I decided if I want to buy them yet or not :/ So here is hoping I can get these boots in ASAP and try them out! Once I do, I will write a review on them with a comparison of the other boots that I have used on her!


luna trot

A blog post isn’t complete without the star of the blog in it! Really can’t wait till it is dry enough to ride out!

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