Time Flies!

Wow! It has been almost two weeks since my last post! It felt like just a couple days ago! Where to start…

Nothing too exciting has really happened horse wise since my last post. Luna was a bit sore and when she wasn’t there was soo much rain the arena was absolutely SOAKING WET. Lots of brushing and cookies and beer drinking was to be had during that time.

One exciting thing that did happen was one of my good friends getting married this past Saturday! I can’t believe that it FINALLY happened, after 9ish long years K&J finally tied the knot! Us bridesmaids and the bride started it off right at 9am with mimosa’s and some good tunes while we all got ready. It ended up raining during pictures but a little rain never hurt anyone and rain is supposed to be good luck on your wedding day right? We ended the night with LOTS of dancing, and I mean LOTS. More dancing then I have ever done in one night before! Oh yeah, that dude of mine came too, we clean up okay I guess 😉

Finally got to get on the mare last night after almost two weeks. Still a bit sore if there are rocky areas in the arena but she was FABULOUS. Loads of energy which is evident in the canter but she was so willing to work and light and just awesome. Got a decent ride in with her new boots on too. I picked up a front pair of the NEW Back On Track royal tendon boots in brown. I have had two rides in them, the first one not being very substantial but yesterday was a longer ride. I will do a full review of them when I have ridden in them a bit more, so far so good!

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