Lessons + Fall

Phew, this week is finally over!

Between trying to get our yard finished before winter (blegh) hits, riding the horse, eating and working it has been a long week!

I was lucky enough to fit in a couple lessons over the last week too! Lessons are a rare commodity in the summer for me. Between my coach being at shows, me being the only one jumping tiny, me being busy and the weather it is hard to fit one in. I also didn’t even technically lesson with her! I lessoned with someone that she knows quite well and boy did he give me some good pointers. I need to stop “dressaging” to the fence and have a picture in my head of how we are going to go over the fence. Not that I didn’t before but I let Luna decide a little bit too much for a green horse over fences and it doesn’t always work well! Oops. But we are working on that!

I also had my dressage coach out last Saturday and I am glad to know I am working in the right direction in dressage land! Man my little mare can move ! So excited where she is heading on the flat!

Clear signs that winter is coming : All the fall lines are coming into the tack store. And Oh boy am I in love with the Arista and Fall stuff! Too bad I have a wedding to pay for 😦

The struggle is real.

Everyone has been there at one point or time. Where you just don’t understand what is going on anymore. Everything is going really well and then ONE strand of hair moving to the left vs the right just throws everything off kilter. WHY?!

You can be going along thinking “WOW! My horse is going so well right now!” And just BAM. Here comes the giraffe sewing machine. 😐

My life.

My ride on Thursday sure felt like this! Ladeda, working my butt off and then a fly flies past and ERMAHGERD all goes to hell. Super quick and head “up”. Gotta admit, Luna doesn’t go full on giraffe, just lazy sleepy giraffe.

After our last dressage lesson ( over a month ago now :O ) I have changed a few things with my riding and it is clearly “helping” but she is NOT happy with having to work harder! Not one bit! We already like to get a bit behind my leg but add in harder work and she just gives me a big fat NOPE. The slow process is making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking back at pictures helps. We went from this :

Less then a year under saddle with only me ever riding her

To this:

Less then 6 months later

That was almost TWO years ago! Almost all on my own. My lesson have been super sporadic since I bought and started Luna 3 years ago now. Super expensive barns + travelling trainers + working ALL the time = hard to take lessons.

I really need to keep this in mind when I get “frustated” when I am riding.

On a plus note after this weeks…..interesting rides, Luna walked and trotted over the Liverpool like she has been doing it all her life! So proud of my little mare!


That is what I am. Two jobs, a horse(technically two), a dog and a fiancée. They take up ALL my time. Oh let’s not forget trying to plan a wedding, which is less then a year away and we don’t have a caterer yet. Oye.

Nothing really exciting has happened with any of the above. Last weekend was a long weekend so I just rode all weekend after getting my saddle fit (yay!). LOTS of flat work. Lots and LOTS an LOTS of it. And then some more of it. Our flat work is pretty on par right now, it is the jumping that needs the work. And my nerves. And my anxiety. Oh jumping.

I am finally getting to go away for a few days this weekend. Really just two. Two nights in a different city with a day trip to the mountains.

I am so excited for the mountains. I love mountains. Who doesn’t?MOUNTAINSMOUNTAINSMOUNTAINS. Can you tell I am excited?? I am also super excited for the Christmas store in Banff. It is my favorite and I could buy all the things…but I won’t. There is a wedding to pay for!

Have a lovely weekend!


Ps….are you happy now fiancée? I wrote a blog post 😉