That is what I am. Two jobs, a horse(technically two), a dog and a fiancée. They take up ALL my time. Oh let’s not forget trying to plan a wedding, which is less then a year away and we don’t have a caterer yet. Oye.

Nothing really exciting has happened with any of the above. Last weekend was a long weekend so I just rode all weekend after getting my saddle fit (yay!). LOTS of flat work. Lots and LOTS an LOTS of it. And then some more of it. Our flat work is pretty on par right now, it is the jumping that needs the work. And my nerves. And my anxiety. Oh jumping.

I am finally getting to go away for a few days this weekend. Really just two. Two nights in a different city with a day trip to the mountains.

I am so excited for the mountains. I love mountains. Who doesn’t?MOUNTAINSMOUNTAINSMOUNTAINS. Can you tell I am excited?? I am also super excited for the Christmas store in Banff. It is my favorite and I could buy all the things…but I won’t. There is a wedding to pay for!

Have a lovely weekend!


Ps….are you happy now fiancée? I wrote a blog post 😉

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