The struggle is real.

Everyone has been there at one point or time. Where you just don’t understand what is going on anymore. Everything is going really well and then ONE strand of hair moving to the left vs the right just throws everything off kilter. WHY?!

You can be going along thinking “WOW! My horse is going so well right now!” And just BAM. Here comes the giraffe sewing machine. šŸ˜

My life.

My ride on Thursday sure felt like this! Ladeda, working my butt off and then a fly flies past and ERMAHGERD all goes to hell. Super quick and head “up”. Gotta admit, Luna doesn’t go full on giraffe, just lazy sleepy giraffe.

After our last dressage lesson ( over a month ago now :O ) I have changed a few things with my riding and it is clearly “helping” but she is NOT happy with having to work harder! Not one bit! We already like to get a bit behind my leg but add in harder work and she just gives me a big fat NOPE. The slow process is making it hard to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Looking back at pictures helps. We went from this :

Less then a year under saddle with only me ever riding her

To this:

Less then 6 months later

That was almost TWO years ago! Almost all on my own. My lesson have been super sporadic since I bought and started Luna 3 years ago now. Super expensive barns + travelling trainers + working ALL the time = hard to take lessons.

I really need to keep this in mind when I get “frustated” when I am riding.

On a plus note after this weeks…..interesting rides, Luna walked and trotted over the Liverpool like she has been doing it all her life! So proud of my little mare!

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