Clinic Season

Living somewhere where it is winter for what seems like an eternity, us equestrians have to find SOMETHING to do with our time! Clinics are usually the answer to that, and what better to do then learn !

This weekend my barn hosted a clinic with Sandra Donnelly who for those of you that don’t know who she is, is an eventer based in Alberta. Been to the Olympics and all over.  It was my first time riding with her and definitely won’t be the last !

Day 1 we worked on our alignment and lines over fences.

The flat work was awesome, mare felt superb….till we started jumping. I could for the life of me get our pace on track and t resulted in a wiggly little worm. Jumping jumps on angles is hard she says!!

Day 2: We worked on lots of bending lines and stringing lines together to get a course. She was forward and happy and was jumping fantastic!! I had zero nerves and even jumped an oxer without wanting to cry!

Pace is our biggest issue. If our pace isn’t there, nothing works for us. Our alignment was pretty good but our lines are still a bit lacking. I am more in the “just get over it” mode still then the “let’s do this right” mode. I think it’s time to change that….she’s pretty easy going now !


We can be kind of cute sometimes. 



Sometimes we try real hard….even when the hooman  maybe doesn’t…..

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