Show Recap

I know, I know, it’s already been a week and I haven’t posted on how the show went!


Let’s just start with this, because this is how I felt throughout the whole thing!

Horse Show Anxiety
All of this.

First, I had to be up way to early and the Timmie’s I went through just about got an earful of angry horse person when I couldn’t pay and NEEDED my coffee!

Second, I couldn’t find my gloves, so I had to borrow someones WELL used pair, which hey, at least I had some gloves to wear!

BUT….then the mare got on the trailer! Easy peasy! She did have a freak out about something when we were just about to leave so we took her hay bag away and she was fine after that.

We got to the show, she unloaded, stood at the trailer AND let me hack around with no issues! Keep in mind, this was HER first show EVER and mine in AGES. She even stayed tied to the trailer for a couple hours before our class with hardly any supervision. WIN!

Warm-up was a bit ridiculous but the OF part was at least supervised and in-control (at least on my part).

All I have to say is WOW. Luna was FANTASTIC. We had some cross-firing going on, and didn’t get all of our leads but we got a few flying changes AND went over EVERYTHING on the first try. I was shocked. I am still amazed at how AWESOME she was!

luna first show

We even placed in 2 of our rounds! We just did the 2’0 which was 3 classes – optimum time, clear + jump off, accumulator – and got the ribbons in the first two. I just wanted to go around and live to tell the tale, actually placing was a bonus! And it was a decent sized class for around here – 10 people and quite a few of them were packers that could have done it in their sleep!

I admit, the rounds aren’t perfect. We had some wonky distances and our lines were all over the place for the most part but I honestly only cared about getting around and over the fences, which we did. Now we can start to maybe work better on those lines. And breathing. I should probably do that too.

luna trailer
Even warm enough for a sun bath!

Overall, I am more then pleased with how it went. I still consider her (and myself) pretty green over fences still. We are working on it !

I am attaching the links to the video’s since I can’t seem to get them to upload onto here!

Second round

Third round

Thanks for reading!

First horse show in…..forever ?

This weekend I am taking little mare to HER FIRST EVER show. Ever as in literally ever. It is just a small schooling show that I am hoping isn’t too busy.

I myself haven’t shown in probably 4-5 years. I don’t even know HOW to show. Good thing I’m going with a couple more seasoned showers.


Here’s hoping we have a good show and I don’t have any stories to tell you !


And a pony picture for good measure !