The quest for a helmet…

For people that have a normal sized head, finding a helmet that fits usually isn’t a large task. But for those who have ginormous sized heads, it turns into a task that is quite difficult.

Cue me telling you how huge my head is ! I have had so many people say “oh it doesn’t look that big !”. Trust me….it is HUGE!! Hats are hard to find, headbands give me headaches, helmets are non-existant.

Up till this point, I have had good success with Charles Owen helmets. They are one of the only brands that have anything much bigger then a 7 1/2. Score ! BUT finding a store that has anything bigger then that in stock is impossible ! I have also been wearing my hair up in my helmet (my bad) and I have a lot of hair so there was no going back.  I also needed to downsize because of this. Again, still in the ginormous sizes thay no one stocks! Even the store I work in !

I’ve been itching to try on the One K’s for a while since I really cannot afford a Samshield st this point. So the day Horse and Rider fin ally got some in I was stoked ! None in massive size BUT the Large went on my head and seemed to fit shape wise  ! 

I took my chances and ordered the XL in hopes it would fit…and it did ! 

Let’s take a minute to appreciate this

I was so stoked ! It’s a bit on the snug side, and I do need to make sure it sits in just the right spot but it definitely works !  And I don’t look like a have a ginormous head ! 

The hair out of the helmet took a while to get used to, specially with how long it is but I am more then happy with this helmet ! It is nice to finally have more then one option as far as helmets go now. I do miss my Charles Owen but until they have something far more ventilated I will be sticking with the One K for now. 

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