2017 Goals

I don’t necessarily like to “set goals” at the beginning of the year. So many things can change between now and the end of the year and having an “uncompleted” goal sometimes can feel like a failure. Being the perfectionist that I am, that can be a tough pill to swallow. 

However, as much as I do not really want to, I am going to set some goal’s for the horsie side of my life ! There are a lot of things I want to get done this year and writing them down publicly will make me feel a bit more accountable….I think.

Pony Goals :

Get to an event : I wanted to do this last year but with the wedding and timing it just didn’t happen.  I’m hoping to get to Beaumont this year and make it around without dying at the teeny tiny level ! 

Let’s be real, I didn’t jump that

Get to an ‘A’ level jumper show : This has been something I have wanted to do for years.  Money has always been the biggest issue but I think I can get it done this year.  Have a real show season : One or two shows a year just is not cutting it for me. It’s slightly enjoyable (minus the early mornings) to get out and do something to show off the pony. Terrifying ? Yes. But st some point I need to step outside of the box ! 

Get more comfortable with height AND oxers: I think this is the number one thing I want to accomplish.  I hAve turned into such a baby over the last year and a bit and it’s frustrating to me and I can only assume my coach as well ! 

 Personal goals

These are the goals, when I “set” them, take the back burner a bit. Pony goals are the goals I obsess over a more since that is where all my time goes anyways ! 

Get healthy: everyone has this goal. And most people just want to lose weight. That would be nice, but I want to actually be healthy. We eat out so much and all of it bothers me. I never exercise other then riding my horse which is catching up with me too. I miss the days when I worked in the barn and was fit and felt great.

Budget better : this one is a hard one.  I save money each paycheque but….I could be saving more. Which ties into the next personal goal …

The most important one to me…

Buy a horse trailer : I wanted to do this in 2016. This did not happen. Between the wedding….and the wedding saving money hit a bit of a stall. Life would be so much easier with a trailer.  
I’m hoping to accomplish most of these goals. And I’m sure more will pop up over the year but st the moment, these are some of the top things that have popped into my mind lately. 

This one is Luna approved

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