Tack cleaning party….

Tack cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do. It didn’t use to bother me but then I was a groom for a summer….cleaning 4 horses tack after every hack and time in the ring made me never want to clean tack again. Not to mention, who has time for cleaning tack ?! 

I brought ALL of my leather tack home from the barnlast weekend in hopes of getting it cleaned. I have more in the house. Like my old saddle and other misc. Things down in the basement. Those are all cleaned and put away at least !

2 bridles. 1 saddle.  1 set of leathers. 1 girth. 

Not much, but did I mention that I like to take everything apart and have even used a toothpaste in the past ?! 

Look has nasty the girth was ! I sat down and started cleaning and oiling everything. Lexie even helped…she likes to lick things….a lot. 

I managed to get it all cleaned in less then two hours. Used up all of my oil and most of my conditioner.  And I am so happy this is done…for now. 2 weeks to go before it needs to be cleaned for the next clinic.

So do you guys like cleaning tack? What are your favorite products ?

“Trail” rides in January ?! 

What is this black magic ! It’s January in Northern Alberta and it isn’t -3000?

That means trail rides !! Well….”trail” rides. Aka down the long driveway at the barn. Aka a third of the way down the driveway. Because the horses started running around and I didn’t feel like dying today. 

Giraffe game is strong

But we at least made that far ! Or course with supervision from Lilly the barn dog. 

First I went on a trail ride to the park in November and now this ?! Hopefully the outside rides can keep on coming !