Tack cleaning party….

Tack cleaning is one of my least favorite things to do. It didn’t use to bother me but then I was a groom for a summer….cleaning 4 horses tack after every hack and time in the ring made me never want to clean tack again. Not to mention, who has time for cleaning tack ?! 

I brought ALL of my leather tack home from the barnlast weekend in hopes of getting it cleaned. I have more in the house. Like my old saddle and other misc. Things down in the basement. Those are all cleaned and put away at least !

2 bridles. 1 saddle.  1 set of leathers. 1 girth. 

Not much, but did I mention that I like to take everything apart and have even used a toothpaste in the past ?! 

Look has nasty the girth was ! I sat down and started cleaning and oiling everything. Lexie even helped…she likes to lick things….a lot. 

I managed to get it all cleaned in less then two hours. Used up all of my oil and most of my conditioner.  And I am so happy this is done…for now. 2 weeks to go before it needs to be cleaned for the next clinic.

So do you guys like cleaning tack? What are your favorite products ?

2 thoughts on “Tack cleaning party….

  1. I’m actually a HUGE tack cleaning nerd and get bummed out that my stuff is always too clean to justify another thorough soap + condition, haha! I love the entire line of Higher Standards products. Their soaps are utterly divine and smell good enough to eat, and cocoa butter is one of the ingredients in their conditioner so it smells like chocolate! I also love Effax Lederbalsam and good old neatsfoot for a deep condition. Can’t beat that!


    1. Haha mine is so grungy ALL of the time. Mostly my saddle. I hate it, but I am too lazy to clean it.
      The Higher Standards stuff is my favorite and pretty much the only stuff I use now, unless I need to give it a good oil!

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