The saddle hunt

Why must it be so hard? Why can’t it just take a couple days?

Because horses, that’s why. We love em, but they make things difficult

My saddle hasn’t been fitting for a while, and me being a terrible horse owner, still rode in it. Sorry pony. She was never bad under saddle in it, just girthy. And ONLY when I first put the girth on.  Then one day, she just decided she didn’t want to do anything for me at all.

So off came that saddle and on went my old one. Which fit…sort of. Much better then my 4-Star. Except I really dislike that saddle now! Its a terrible color and too flat of a seat and just blegh.

Out came the saddle fitter.

I have sat in at least five saddles and only one fit the mare….and I hated them all. Am I really that picky or is there really not a saddle out there I will LOVE !? They’ve either been too curvy for pony, too high in the pommel for me or just all over BLEGH.

On to the next saddle I guess  ?

To be continued ?