Tuesday Night Recap : Jump lessons without the jumps

I didn’t update after my last lesson…it was a doozey that doesn’t need to be shared lol. Maybe one day, but not now. So many things went….interestingly.  I suspect it had something to do with her scratches we are trying to battle.


So we skipped the last lesson (May 16) since she was pretty iffy with her scratches and there is no point in riding a grumpy pony!

Tuesday night she was still NQR but still rideable and sound. I was just going to ride around during the lesson, and watch as my coach taught the rest of my little group. Coach had other ideas and had me doing the pole work while everyone else jumped.

Would rather be outside

Let’s just say, that when Luna has had ample time off, and has previously been jumping in a stronger big, going over ground poles means going over them at mach 10 speed like a maniac. Holy crazy mare.

We worked on our striding between two poles. 4 strides, 7 strides, 5 strides, 6 strides. Working on a longer stride is hard on us, and would be easier if we could get into the outdoor, but I asked for the 4 and we did get it, even on the first try! She was very adjustable that day and was quite the turn around from the last jump lesson we had.

I think we are getting it!

Wtf is going on ?

5 thoughts on “Tuesday Night Recap : Jump lessons without the jumps

    1. That wasn’t even the worst of them. They are almost completely healed up now and I am hoping that is it for forever. She has NEVER had them before and I have known her since she was a few hours old!

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