Lesson night recap : STOP PULLING

An other Tuesday, an other lesson done.

Going into this lesson, I didn’t really want to ride/jump. Life has been hectic and evenings are for going to bed early and sleeping. Nothing else. However, that rarely happens. Let’s not forget to mention that massive thunderstorm rolling through RIGHT BEFORE lesson time!

We were still in dressage land after our lesson on Friday, and sometimes dressage land has us in a much stronger feel then I want when I want to stop pulling to the jumps.

We worked on raised trot poles on the diagonal, with lots of changes of bend before changing that to canter bounces. Luna rocked all of this. Then we added the 4 other jumps set up….I pulled to nearly 90% of them. It was not a ride where I had my poop in a group at all.

Things I think my coach gets sick of saying:


One would think that I would STOP pulling by now but apparently it is well ingrained into my brain at this point and just happens! I don’t mean to pull but it just happens when I space out! I need to stop.

Writing out these lesson recaps (when I can remember too) will help me learn more from my rides vs. just thinking about it while I ride. At least that is what I am hoping it does. If I could just stop my bad habit of pulling life would go so much easier for the both of us!


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