Tuesday Recap:

I skipped last weeks (June 27th) lesson recap because it clearly was not memorable and I did not have any time to write about it. I feel like I more then likely pulled lots and didn’t have any great moments in it!

This past Tuesday went kind of the same way. We had one strides set up on a circle which I thought wasn’t going to go well, but we have really been working on opening the stride up and we got ALL of the one strides! I was so proud of little mare!

There were was also an oxer set up right on the wall, 5 strides from the circle exercise. My coach is awesome, and is understanding of my fear of oxers so she set it up REALLY small so that I could work on it without getting flustered. The first time through I didn’t open her up enough. I learned my lesson and the next two times through were awesome.

After we went through those a few times, we worked on the bending lines. Going from the left rein, bending to the right after the first jump is definitely our easy way.  From the right rein, bending to the left is not easy.

Couple holes lower and that’s what we were doing

Seeing as I always seem to drop my eye to the left, and my left leg is weaker, I have a harder time pushing her over to the right and hitting the center of the jump. Granted, I am fairly certain that I really was just trying to get the both of them on an angle, and not truly riding a bending line. Oops !

Best moment of my lesson : Nailing the oxer on the wall. We put it up just a bit, and made it slightly wider and we cantered right up and over and it felt great!

I really need to get out of my own head. I worry too much and pick, pick, PICK to everything. I do this in all aspects of life, I really should stop !

Nice butt Luna