Lesson recap : the big change.

Now that the excitement about my new saddle has died down a bit, and I don’t have heart eyes constantly about how pretty she is, I have the mental space to think about my lesson that day.

how i felt getting the saddle

I ain’t gonna lie, it was hard.

New saddle that is completely different then what I am used to, in a lesson, with a horse that has had a few days off does not sound like a fun time. Specially not on Luna. There is a reason she sometimes gets called Looney Toones!

Finding out how not correct we had been going before having a saddle that fit was a bit of a shocker. She always felt pretty good before! She would fight a bit when we were trying to make her do something when she didn’t want to, but what horse doesn’t?

Straightness is not a word we knew in canter-trot transitions to the right. Or on any circle to the right. Which stems from her weakness in her left hind. I could really feel it being in a more upright position. And fixing it is going to be a process….

I also realized how weak I am through my core. Holy smokes. Weak sauce is my middle name! I wanted to cry not even half way through cantering the first way! Slowing my seat, staying upright, not tensing up…clearly I never did any of these things in my jump saddle!

how i feel, and look

The conclusion was that there is a lot f*ck ton to work on. More then I thought…a lot more. But I think now that we have a saddle that fits, the journey will be easier then expected. Luna may be sassy, but once she is told how to do something, and how to do it properly, she gets it and then whatever it is is easy.

bc i have no new media

PS – Best husband ever. As I sat here writing this, waiting for supper to cook, he brought me my glass of wine ❤

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