January 19th Lesson Recap

I have been looking forward to this week’s lesson all week. Having a saddle that fits, and let’s Luna move with more freedom has made her into a horse I don’t quite know how to handle. She is moving so much bigger and is so much stronger…I can’t exactly control it completely !

She has also became a bit…wild. Not crazy, running and bucking and spooking wild though. Just “I’m gonna explode at any second without actually doing it” kind of wild. Don’t get me wrong, she feel’s great! But she just wants to GO AND DO THE THINGS when we aren’t ready to GO AND DO THE THINGS at every second of every ride.

this face explains how she feels

As soon as I started to pick her up last night, she got “dancey”. Coach has us doing LOTS of leg yielding when we are “dancey” to help to flatten out and slow down the walk. And right now we are only allowed to leg yield off of the wall so that she understands that she needs to do what I ask her, not just fall out towards the wall.

Our canter has improved soooo much. We don’t start with the weird rushy/choppy canter to the right anymore ! It is actually our better way. Smooth, controlled and wonderful. We have to work on the straightness more this way but the gait quality is far better! The left is the way we struggle with the quality canter. She wants to “bump” me out of keeping my seat smooth so that she doesn’t have to work so hard with her left hind. That damn left hind is lazy !

Leg yielding off the wall became a fight at the end of the wall going to the right. Again, that left hind doesn’t want to step all the way through and she just wants to rush through my aids and control the ride. This mare is strong a freight-train. So when she decides she wants to take control, it is realllly hard to change her mind right now.

We have loads to work on, like getting that left hind activated, leg yielding off the wall and getting her in front of my leg. I feel like now that she can move, and have more freedom, it will show the holes in her training. Which I have trained into her. But I am okay with that.

Again I have no media. It’s hard to get someone to get video of my lessons since no one actually watches them! Maybe I can convince my husband to come out next time….

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