30 Things

I am jumping on this blog train today – The $900 facebook pony  and Patently Bay  are the two that I have read so far and have been super entertaining to read. This blog is actually going to take me forever to write – I don’t think I have 30 interesting things going on in my life!

  1. I have only ever owned two horses. My current mare Luna, and my very first horse Calika.img_0900
  2. I am OBSESSED with all things Harry Potter. I could talk about it all day and probably not run out of things to say!
  3. My schedule revolves around horses. I literally do basically nothing else but spend time at the barn.
  4.  My hubby and I eat out at new/different restaurants ALL the time. If I am not at the barn, we are probably out trying new food.
  5. I haven’t left Canada since 2009 – when I went to Japan the year I graduated High School.

    loved the cherry blossoms
  6. If I could live somewhere in Asia – probably Japan – and be able to have a pony, I would be ecstatic. I LOVE any type of Asian cuisine. I haven’t actually eaten something that I don’t like. Give me some Dim Sum, or sushi, or udon and I am the happiest person ever
  7. I REALLY like wine.
  8. I am a huge procrastinator.
  9. I am a secret gamer. Most people that find out that I game are very shocked by it for some reason. Not that I have much time too play anymore, but I would be happy to game all day.
  10. I am an introvert that LOVES to talk. But I also don’t like being around people. Which is why when you get to know me, you learn that I won’t actually stop talking. Like ever.
  11. My favorite thing to wear in the summer – dresses. I never used to, but now all I wear are dresses. They are so just so comfy. But also so hard to be lady like in them all of the time !
  12. I think my life literally revolves around horses, food and wine. Horses are obvious. Food and wine just go well together and I LOVE to eat, I wish I could eat all day long and not get fat. 387dd0b2-56bd-4545-8bb1-e8a86070ef72
  13. I don’t do change well. I realllly like routines.
  14. I groomed for a summer – hardest work of my life, but I enjoyed it and actually miss it.
  15. Everything World War 2 attracts my attention to the point I start to get obsessive.
  16. All I can think about is travelling….but it also freaks me out and the anxiety gets out of control.
  17. I have been in 3 (2 non-major) accidents living in this City within in the last 4 years.
  18. I drove the same car for (also my first car) for just over 8 years until it got destroyed in my accident in August 2017.

    see ya car
  19. The Great Mouse Detective is my absolute FAVORITE Disney movie.
  20. My family lives 5 hours north of me and I don’t get to see them very much. It’s hard, and I definitely would have moved back home if I hadn’t met my husband when I did.
  21. I LOVE to read….but it has probably been a year since I actually read and finished a book. And I am betting that it was probably a Harry Potter novel.
  22. I have found out I dislike writing out so many things about myself.
  23. I have reached an age in my life that buying a freaking STEAM MOP excites me.
  24. Purple is my favorite color….but so many things that I have for Luna are NAVY. Saddle pad, polos, cooler, blankets….like 90% of it is freaking Navy.

    so much navy
  25. Don’t put my in charge of ordering Ogilvy saddle pads….your order will end up being $5k….also a large reason why the tack store I work at on the side has SOOOOO many saddle pads.
  26. Currently addicted to home reno shows and am watching one right now!
  27. My dog helps me write all of these blog posts.

    some of my favorite things
  28. My music tastes are weird and all over the place. Country Music, dance, pop, give me some heavy metal…just everything.
  29. I haven’t really dealt with losing Calika yet.
  30. I love running….but hate having people watch me run. And also hate running on my treadmill.



It took me THREE whole days to finish this…And I feel like all I wrote about was my love for food, wine and my horses. I haven’t “done” much in my life, but I wouldn’t change anything. My life has always been about horses and I am okay with that.

What are 30 things we don’t know about you!?

Life gets in the way…


Of a lot of things.

Biggest thing of all is this whole blogging thing.

I have all of these things that I want to write about, and no time to write anything. Being on the road for anywhere from 80-110 minutes a day, just to get to and from work, and then added time for the barn, there just isn’t much time!


I lessoned on Friday and of course Luna was fantastic. She is never “bad”, we may have some not as good rides, but its never “bad”.

So for now, here are some furry kid pictures.

wtf am i looking at?
she had cold toes

Jan 30th Lesson Recap

Usually my lessons are every other Friday, but the forecast for this Friday is COLD and SNOWY. The snow is a big enough deterrent because of where I work compared to where my barn is – if there was one delay anywhere I would not make my lesson. So I managed to tag on to the end of lessons on Tuesday!

me in this weather

We changed things up a little bit to warm up, and instead of starting off with leg yields during our warm up, we started with shoulder in to settle her in the walk and get her bending. She immediately relaxed and went straight to work.

Our coach immediately commented on how much less “dance-y” she is in the walk, she has more swing and has a softer looking eye. All thanks to our new saddle I would say ! What a difference a well-fitting saddle can make!

We are always working on straightness. That was a big part of our whole ride. Luna likes to travel with her haunches to the left and is good at pushing me around on her back, specially at the canter, so that they can travel crooked and not work so hard.

Well little mare, I think we have you figured out! Coach had me sitting down more and within 2 seconds Luna straightened up and sat more on her hind end and went to work! And everything after that was so easy. She stayed straight, I could move her shoulders where I wanted them, she was working through, she much less argumentative.

how i felt during my lesson

Everything is really starting to come together now. We have our challenges ahead of us still, but having a proper fitting saddle now is making such a world of difference. It has taken much longer then I wanted it to, to find the right saddle, but I am glad I stuck to my guns and finally found something right for her.  Never stop trying to find the right thing!

navy isn’t actually my fav color but it looks like it is