One of those weeks

This week was a week that I got hardly any riding in at all.

Sunday my fitter came out to check out my saddle as its been over a month since it came and the flocking as settled a bit. I rode around and did a few things but nothing like what I would have done on a “normal” ride.


Tuesday/Wednesday there were lessons till late so I snuck a ride in later Tuesday night but again didn’t do much other than a light hack because I was too busy talking with a friend. I like to talk….a lot.

Friday was lesson day. I was hoping Luna wasn’t going to be a wild baboon…. She was feeling frisky on Thursday when I brought her in to change blankets. Because you know, on Friday’s, when I have lessons there usually has to be some weird funky weather change! Perfect! This time its an other winter storm. They’ve changed the forecast about 67 times since yesterday morning. It has yet to start snowing so I think I should be okay to get there on time…hopefully.

this weekend’s forecast

Slow riding weeks always seem to just drag on. They also make me incredibly sore I have found out.  So how do you make the weeks with little riding go by quicker?!

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