When you go shopping…

And spend all your monies, you get nice things.


I have been on the hunt for a bridle for Ms. Big Ears for probably just under a year and have had no luck.

Either they didn’t quite fit her right, like the Shockemoehle Stanford I tried and had high hopes for because of its design features. Like the slight curve it has to keep all of the straps off of their TMJ area – that was my favorite thing about this bridle and I am so sad the rest of the bridle just did not fit.


Or they are way more than I am willing to spend – like the PS of Sweden Bridles. Should I have bought one a couple of years ago before they were “in” and a reasonable price ? Yeah probably, but I didn’t. And now they are at an astronomical price so I definitely won’t be buying one at retail price. Specially when I don’t need/want a special fan-dangled noseband – I just need the anatomical crown they have !

That is an other issue – so many bridles that HAVE a more anatomical crown piece, also have an irregular noseband. Similar to the PS High Jump. Luna has made it very clear she want’s the plainest of everything except for the crown piece.

high jump

Most of the bridles that I found that have ear “cut outs”, just have a slight indent which is not enough for her big ears. OR I found bridles on questionable websites or they were never in stock.

Now, I did find a bridle a few months ago on Divoza’s website – a Dyon flat dressage bridle – in brown ! BUT it was a bit more than I wanted to spend so I didn’t jump on it. Except that they sent a 25% off coupon….and then a 20 Euro off coupon a couple of days later.

So what did I do ? I finally ordered it and it should be here today! Here is hoping that it works and everything fits her weird head !

look at these moose ears

What item have you had issues finding just the right fit for your horse ?

5 thoughts on “When you go shopping…

  1. Ohhh I LOVE finding a good deal on something I really need! I definitely cannot wait to see how it works for you. Thankfully, my Rio seems ok with traditional bridles even though he has LONG ears, they aren’t that wide around the base (that sounds dirty…. LOL).


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