Review : Collegiate Anatomical Girth

About a month ago, I ordered in this girth hoping that Luna would appreciate it and be a happy pony  not be such a grump, and it would not pull my saddle forward.


First thoughts right out of the box : it looks kind of cheap. There were some frayed threads and a piece of material that was kind of poking out where it wasn’t sewn very well.

I wasn’t going to let that get in the way of giving this girth a chance. Because I really needed to give this girth a chance.

The first couple of times I used it, Luna was pretty non-chalant about it. She wasn’t anymore girthy, or any less girthy then normal – I took that as a sign that it would be okay.


I originally ordered this because my fitter had suggested it, and it looked like it was less curved then the Total Saddle Fit dressage girths that seemed to keep my saddle from being pulled forward, but did not fit Luna the greatest.

It seemed to do its job of keeping itself where it needed to be, without pulling my saddle forward. 1 point for this girth.

After a few more rides the inevitable happened – Luna gave me the big F U to this girth. So we cut out the handy carabeaner it comes with, thinking it was a pressure point. That didn’t help either.  Boo!

I didn’t get to use this girth much, so cannot review its longevity but here is what I can tell you more about it.


  • Handy carabeaner attachment vs. having just a loop or d-ring to attach anything to
  • It is a nice shape. Not too shaped like the TSF girths.
  • Easily washable as it is synthetic and you can just wipe it down and let it dry


  • The carabeaner is too inset in the girth and doesn’t have any padding behind it really, so it seemed to cause a pressure point.
  • Not very padded – so if you have a princess like I do, they might not like it.
  • Cheap looking straight out of the box

Final rating : 3.5/5

If you are looking to try a shaped girth like this, without spending a fortune, this would be worth the money to try something. It is only $70~ CAD before shipping/duties out of the UK.

4 thoughts on “Review : Collegiate Anatomical Girth

  1. My super picky mare so far hadn’t complained about her TSF Stretch tec girth. So far, at least. Way more expensive than the regular TSF unfortunately. But she’s a princess , so she only likes expensive things.


    1. Looking at that girth, the different panels on it would bug the shit out of Luna. If I know someone that had one that I could try, I would try it.
      But even with my discount at the tack store, I don’t want to invest in one.


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