We adventured today…

All by ourselves ! And even lived to tell the tale !

Lessons were running and it was a beauty of a day, so I figured I would try to get down the trails by ourselves. We’ve only done this once ever. And that one time includes having Lexie with us.

Going down the road is one thing. There aren’t things hiding behind the fence posts, and vehicles aren’t scary (just bicycles). But in the forest ? That’s like going into the basement where the Boogey-man lives ūüėÖ

Not to mention the one access point is blocked by a trailer, so you have to sneak by a terrifying pick-up truck horse eater to even get into the trails. Once we got through that it was smooth sailing !

We were moving at an excessively fast walk but that’s better then stopping and spooking at everything. But the birds, that’s an other story – flying horse eaters are the worst type of horse eater.

It’s so nice to be out of the arena again ! Even if there is still tons of snow.

5 thoughts on “We adventured today…

    1. Not gonna lie, it is a bit terrifying. She felt like she was going to explode. But I have never had her take-off or anything, her legs just all fly out to the side and she gets super low haha.


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