Finally went on an adventure…

A couple of weeks ago !

where I belong

My adventure buddy picked us up for a planned trip out to Blackfoot, which is only a few minutes away from the barn for a day of trail rides and pony time. There was supposed to be 3 of us…but someone just HAD to cancel.

We haven’t been out since this time last year. I am pretty sure my horse is as bored as I am and misses going out and doing fun things, instead of being bored and stuck at the barn – reason #1 why I need my own horse trailer.

Onto the fun stuff now – PICTURES !

I am seriously just so proud of this horse and how far she has come with loading/being on the trailer. She hasn’t been anywhere in a year or so and she hopped right on by herself, stood nicely while I loaded up and once we got there too. She was a little pushy when we got back to the barn after but a little reminder from her auntie and she remembered how to be good !

The trails were dry and a bit hard, but otherwise pretty decent. Luna had not had her shoes put on yet at this point but nothing phased her and she trucked along w/t/c without any complaint.

3 hours and over 17km traveled and we were all pretty pooped. But we can’t wait to get out there again!

I am going to leave you guys with this gem of a video that Renate grabbed at the end of our ride…

Hope you all get to go on some adventures with great friends this summer !

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