When showing isn’t life

I’ve had high hopes the last 2+ years to get out and do more shows and it just hasn’t happened. Work gets in the way, life gets in the way and mostly, the funds just are NOT there.

luna first show
our first show ever, TWO years ago

Its been over two years now since we stepped out into the show ring – I don’t think I was even blogging at that point. Those were also our first (and only) couple of shows we have ever been to. The second show was also Luna’s first time being in a stall for more than a few minutes – which you never would have guessed with how good she was.

But I’m not gonna lie – showing isn’t the most fun thing I have ever done. I get super anxious, stress out over EVERYTHING. Are my glasses clean? Is she actually gonna go over that fence? Do we look ridiculous? Did I close the fridge? See…everything. What’s the fun in that?

this is how my brain acts

I don’t remember having this much anxiety when I was showing through High School on the local circuit at home. That was with Calika though, and I never really had to worry about whether or not she was going to do something, I just worried about asking her to do the right things. I really don’t have to worry too much about Luna either, but I still do.

The other big biggest issue is the money. I make a livable wage for sure, but adding on horses, having a car payment now because of my accident last year, mortgage etc. it all adds up. The excess money I do have leftover after bills goes into my savings so that you know, when I get old, I can retire comfortably. I am also a hoarder of money so once the money goes INTO the savings account….I rarely want to take it OUT of the savings account.

used to show red mare all the time

Could I direct some of that money to a “Horse Show Fund”? Sure, I could. But I haven’t. Maybe next year will change that a bit. But then what else is going to jump up and get in the way of showing? Horse issues? More money issues? Or will I just not want to?

we even won a fancy ribbon once. PC Sarah Ingram

An average Gold Level Dressage show around here would cost me around $500 without trailering to do 2 tests a day, over 2 days. Most of my friends that I ride with Event, the one friend that does Dressage doesn’t really show. The show scene around here is a little off-putting as a spectator sometimes. I know lots of people because of the side gig – but I don’t really KNOW them. So is it really worth it to spend the money there?

Don’t get me wrong, I DO want to show. I want to show off all of the training I have done with this horse, who I started by myself. I also like pretty ribbons. It just isn’t my top priority nowadays.

luna trailer
that one time we went to a show 

So where do you stand on showing – do you scrape by to have the budget or do you put it on the back burner? Is it always worth it to you to get to that show?

6 thoughts on “When showing isn’t life

  1. I love showing but definitely have to be mindful of money. Mostly what I love about showing is competing against MYSELF – seeing how well we can do and what challenges we can overcome, and marking how much we have improved as a team. If we end up with ribbons, that’s just icing on the cake.

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    1. I have felt that exact same way the few times I have been out on Luna.
      With Calika, I just wanted all the pretty ribbons, but it was hard to think of anything else because she won everything on that circuit anyways.
      But now that I am older I am so meh about it. And all of the schooling shows are in the spring with terrible warm ups 😦


  2. I’m in a similar boat and it’s been 2-3 years since i’ve shown due to Kidd’s recent issues. I had always hoped to do some Gold Shows but those are easily $1,000+ weekends after factoring hauling, etc. I hope to at least hit the show ring once with Sierra this year even just to get a ‘starting point’, but with farming, etc it doesn’t leave a ton of extra time!

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    1. Yeah when you have to haul a distance it sucks. I’m glad most of the gold shows are here and I just need to find someone to haul her to them, but still, it seems slightly unreasonable!


  3. I’m over the showing thing. I thankfully got that out of my system when I was younger and my parents helped foot the bills. It’s gotten so expensive that I can’t justify spending that much money to fancy prance for a few minutes and hope that it all goes well. I would much rather spend my hard owned money on quality lessons and learn how to ride better.
    And buy more horse stuff.

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    1. Yup, same. It was easier when someone else was helping. I wouldn’t dare ask my husband to pay for any show fee’s because he would like at me like ” Are you crazy!?”


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