Blog Hop : 5 things that didn’t work for me

May As Well Event wrote a post earlier this and it gave me some motivation to finally write something up that wasn’t just pictures!

1.) Total Saddle Fit Dressage Girths

Image result for total saddle fit girth

The Shoulder Relief Girth™ actually changes the position and angle of the billets to prevent the saddle from interfering with the shoulder

Their website makes a lot of claims about changing the billing angle, girth grooves, forward girth grooves, improving saddle fit etc. etc.

While the thought behind this girth is great – yes let’s improve the billet angle and give the horse more freedom through their shoulders – the actual execution is not quite there. The leather is pretty meh. The forwardness of the front of the girth is a bit too extreme. If you read past the bold words – it’s actually only to enhance the already fitting saddle.

I did use the long version for my jump saddle. And that did work for a time on Luna. The leather got gross and old-looking quickly and it compressed like crazy. I did try the short version. My horse tried to kill me and was EXTREMELY obvious in her dislike of this girth.

2) Ego7 boots

When these boots first came out, I was like semi-excited, but not super excited, for them. They had neat features – like the multiple spur rests for instance. So when the boss ordered them in for the store I was excited to try them out. So I did.

I didn’t like them. At all.

The biggest reason was the fact that after handling them for all of 5 seconds to get them on, my hands were BLACK from the dye coming off of them. That was a huge turn off for me. None of my other boots have ever bled like that from handle them – after time there is some transfer onto saddle pads but not much.

after putting them on one customer

But then, in came the pair that pretty much disintegrated with only a few months of use. The zippers broke, the spur rests came out, the snaps broke. And this wasn’t the only pair that was like this.  I am glad the ended up not fitting me very well !

3) Ogilvy Half Pads. 

If you have seen my saddle pad collection, or noticed my social media posts, you may have noticed 99% of my saddle pads are Ogilvy. LOVE THEM. They are awesome. But you couldn’t get me to ever use an other half pad from them again. The only time I did try one, I borrowed it from a friend.

The quality isn’t an issue at all. Like all of the other Ogilvy products, they are very well made (in Canada !). I just hated they way that they felt under my saddle. I felt like I was on some weird cloud/plush couch thing that bounced and that I was 10 feet above my horse. Not fun. Plus it killed my back.

Back to its owner it went.

4) Lornzini Stirrup Irons


When these first came out, they were all the rage. Everyone was asking for them in the store, people were writing about them on their blogs – they were just kind of everywhere. But like most “popular” things, they now seem to be shoved to the back burner. So I was super curious to try them. Good thing I know people who have a lot of tack !

I popped them on my saddle and got on and instantly hated them. I don’t even think I finished my ride with stirrups I hated them that much. They felt tippy, like they are when they are on a flat surface. I was so unbalanced with my feet in them. Plus the paint is notorious for chipping.  Off my saddle they went!

5) Certain Saddle Fitters.

This isn’t a piece of equipment, but it does have to do with equipment so it counts right?


If you’ve seen my posts about my saddle fitting saga, you would see that it mostly did not work out. Until very recently.

I’ve found that people want to try to distract you with gossip, what courses they took a million years ago, or mumbo jumbo. Maybe they don’t do that with all their clients, or maybe they do and it just goes over people’s heads, I don’t know, but it didn’t work with me.

The lumps left on my horses back, or her bucking, or her just overall angriness putting on a different saddle were clear signs that the saddles didn’t fit. Not to mention how terrible she felt under saddle. Just because you are a professional, doesn’t mean you know best. Brushing my concerns to the side like they are nothing royally pisses me off. Buh-bye !

Kudos to my current saddle fitter who is legit the best and is extremely knowledgeable on not just saddle fitting ! You are truly one in a million !


This post was actually tougher to write then I thought it would be. Working at a tack store I either hear all the reviews or try things myself, which means I try a literal boat load of stuff. I can’t say that I have actually tried much that I hate  really disliked. Not much sticks out in my mind, and I am a very picky person! I suppose this is almost a mini-review of things I didn’t really want to spend the time writing about.

Most of these things weren’t quality issues, just things I didn’t dislike. Everyone doesn’t have to like everything! Or like something because someone else said they should – so don’t forget that !

15 thoughts on “Blog Hop : 5 things that didn’t work for me

      1. Which is crazy, because mine have been so awesome! It’s been over a year now and mine are still in great shape. I would say maybe it’s a difference between the brown and the black, but I know a couple people with black ones who haven’t had any issues. Maybe they had some bad batches there for a while or something.


  1. It could be the differences in the climate maybe too? Bad batch makes the most amount of sense. They did send replacement parts….but they had wanted the customer to send them in on their cost, pay to have them repair them and then pay to have them shipped back to them. And it took months to get an answer from them and then get the parts.


  2. I totally lucked out with my saddle fitter not only did she give me ideas for Remus but I was able to buy a demo on my own and save lots of money. So win win.

    I do like my total fit girth so far but i agree the leather is not the greatest.And the hairs get stuck in the creases of the edges of the girth (Buckskin hair oh joy) and I can’t seem to get them out. I haven’t ridden in it much so who knows how long it lasts. Remus seems to like it.

    I don’t use half pads, only use MDC stirrups (haven’t changed in a while now)and I imagine the boots are like anything else produced you get a rotten production run once in awhile.

    Thanks for sharing I love seeing other people’s opinions of stuff!

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    1. My saddle fitter now is just the freaking best. Like for real. I have known her for years and I am so glad she is finally going for it.

      I used to use the same stuff all the time and never changed it up. But the Tack Store world has opened my eyes and it is so fun to experiment with new stuff!

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  3. Thanks for jumping in! its SO interesting to me how some pieces of equipment work for some people and not for others. (hence, why I called the post “things that didnt work for me”and not “These things suck” hahaha)

    May really likes the total saddle fit short girth, and I would love to try the long version. Mine has even held up well. BUT I think your horse has to be a certain build and shape for it to work. Its not all MAJIKAL as the site likes to claim. (insert eye roll here)

    Also, I think saddle fitting is some kind of wizardry. Like there’s science there, but not a lot of people KNOW the science part. I had one saddle fitter try to tell me a saddle fit… even though my horse was literally SWELLING underneath the tree points after 2 consecutive rides. Nope.

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    1. Thanks for starting this. I have been in such a funk trying to write anything lately. My horse is always good and who wants to read the same thing over and over about how good my horse is.

      HA! I had the same issue with a fitter. Like to a tee the exact same problem. They were still convinced it fit. FML.

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  4. i’m 2 for 2 now on horses who have been too uncomfortable in the more extreme shapes of “anatomic” girths. i haven’t tried the total saddle fit brand, and it’s always possible that a different shape would have suited either or both horses better…. but i’m not really willing to throw down that kind of money again after both horses said a hard “No!” to the style haha

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    1. I wouldn’t even try if it they haven’t liked other extremes.
      I am still playing with the girth situation. The cheap version I tried, she hated, and now we are using a Jag anatomical girth which is okay, but she is hating the leather in this colder temperature.


  5. Also not fan of Ogilvy half pads, although I know plenty of people who love them. Have never owned Ego7’s but have close riding friends that have them. Personally not all impressed by the leather quality or overall quality. They felt cheap in my hands. Both girls only wear them to show because they are also worried about them falling apart. Funny how things works so differently for different people!

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