Not how I wanted my weekend to go.


Went out to the barn on Sunday to find Luna’s leg looking like that. Lovely eh? It isn’t too terrible looking in that photo. But cleaning it up it looked a bit more disgusting.


Off the the vet yesterday and at least got good news – the joint hasn’t been compromised at all. But now she gets to be on stall rest for at least two weeks with dressing changes every couple of days and antibiotics.

Have I mentioned that she has never been stalled before? This could be fun!

What do you guys do to keep your ponies busy when they are stuck in the barn by themselves?

7 thoughts on “Not how I wanted my weekend to go.

  1. oooooooh ūüė¶ yea that sure is NOT very pretty. ugh. definitely a relief that the joint isn’t involved tho! but man, what a tricky place to keep still enough for the skin to knit back together again! hopefully she settles well with the stall rest! i don’t have a ton of experience there (and my horse happens to quite like his stall so i don’t have to worry much about that) but have heard good things about using slow feed hay nets and likit toys, or even keeping a radio on classical music nearby for very unsettled horses. seems like a lot of horses (not all, but many) kinda resign themselves to their fate within a few days, tho. and worst case scenario there are always long term sedatives if your vet thinks they’re needed. good luck!

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    1. She seems to be liking the stall so far, But her barn buddy is kinda boring lol. I just worry if we leave him out that she will get stressed out. I worry, a lot, clearly hahaha. Plus our barn isn’t very busy so there might be one person out during the day – if that !


  2. Oh, that’s tough. Poor girl. Seconding the suggestion of a slow feed net. I was also hanging a second net with apple pieces and treats hidden in the hay, but hanging it where my girl couldn’t pin it against the wall so it took quite a bit of maneuvering and time to find the things hidden inside.

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    1. She’s not super interested in eating. And is NOT food driven at all. So that makes things tough. I am going to go look for something she could chew on at some point this week though.


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