If you don’t follow me on any social media, and couldn’t tell from my Wordless Wednesday post – Luna came home on the weekend.

here it is again

Of course it didn’t go smoothly. That just would not be in the typical Luna fashion! First off, I couldn’t even find my horse LOL. I hadn’t been at the rehab barn during the day when she was being turned out and the directions were vague since they were watching the races when I asked and I didn’t want to interrupt. Luna was just standing there staring at me like “MOM, I am over here, how dare you miss me!”. And then we attempted to put her in the trailer.

her brain + trailer loading

No clue as to why she just can’t with trailer loading anymore. Since this ordeal started she is just giving everyone the big FFFFFF you when it comes to getting on the trailer. Drugs help, but that’s not a long-term solution at all.

we made it though

We did eventually get home, and then had to wait around before the sleepy drugs wore off. Considering that she has been off for almost 5 weeks now, she is looking pretty darn good. We’ve also been given the clear to start riding again – as long as the granulation doesn’t crack, we can start getting back at it!

And some gross pictures just to end off this post…#sorrynotsorry

I am so excited that we can get back to our normal!

6 thoughts on “Home.

    1. It is very strange. She used to be bad, but we’ve worked and worked and worked on it and she’s been so good until this! She has a hard time with the step up into the trailer, and then freaks herself out. But this is also the trailer she almost always goes in!

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