Million pounds.

That’s what it’s been like to ride my horse lately.

Yeah, she’s coming back, I get that, it is just sort of disappointing as she was going soooo well. I know it will take the time to come back to where she was. But I did enough rehab with Calika, that this time around I am feeling super rushed to get her back to work.

I just want to do all of the things again!

we can at least look the part

I figured that I would try her in the Pelham on Sunday’s ride to see if she needed a bit of a reminder about what life was about now that we are doing things again and not on vacation. It didn’t work as I had hope.

We’ve only cantered 2, maybe 3 times in the last …. what, 2 weeks? I can’t even remember how long she has been back under saddle already. But I have been taking it really slow. Lot’s of transitions, circles, bending etc. But my god, the weight in my hands is a killer. And in the canter she feels like a wild banshee taking me for a ride. The Pelham did help with that a wee bit on Sunday’s ride. As in there was some steering and not as much exuberance.

being pretty is her thing

I’ve also been feeling like I no long know how to ride. I put my left leg on and somehow I am out to the right with my upper body. She has a mini spook and I swear I am falling off backwards at a freaking walk. We get fancy prancy because the poles and standards at the far end of the arena are going to eat us and I just…do weird things.

None of this is helping the million pounds in my hands. I feel like I am kind of doing an okay-ish job of staying out of her way when we are moving around but I know that she is a mirror of me. I am also not scheduled to start lessons until January so I am on my own.

think we are both doing this

In the meantime, while I try to remember how to ride my horse, I am going to go grab some cookies and contemplate getting in riding shape again.


Ps – In the above picture….if you look really hard at that plastic bag, you can see the weights I bought this weekend to help with my exercise program that I am supposed to be doing….wishful thinking on my behalf? lololol.

12 thoughts on “Million pounds.

    1. There are sugar cookies, gingersnaps and a chocolate cookie with pepermints on top – it is supposed to be peppermint kisses but we did that instead. And then cake pop things and cherry and mincement tarts.
      I have to keep doing my exercise program to keep my neck and jaw happy, but I’m not going to lie…it’s been hard to stay motivated to do so !

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      1. Ohhh what are peanut butter blossoms? My husband would love those!
        I still need to make thumbprint cookies and shortbread and a TV Roll. Tomorrow is my night off from the barn so I think I will get at least one of those done then !


    1. LOL. I guess the title can relate to more then just how heavy my horse is in my hands.

      I can’t decide if her spooking in place is worse then a real spook? I feel like if you fall off at a real spook its more understandable then when horse spooks but doesn’t really?

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  1. Oh man I feel you so hard on this. I rehabbed Rio so many times in the past 2 years after various injuries/surgeries that at times it felt like that’s all I ever did. After a while you seriously just want to get to WORK and quit taking it slow. The constant feeling of back sliding is super not fun as well. All I can say is… YOU GOT THIS GIRL! Feels rough now but you are doing the right thing taking it slow! Keep up the good work!!

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