Sometimes I do things I shouldn’t…

Like go to the barn on nights that its poured for a few hours, on top of the snow we have. Or when its creepily foggy out.

in the driveway, you can see the moisture hanging out

I was really gung-ho to go to the barn on Monday night because of how my schedule is going to work out this week. I’d go Monday, take Tuesday off, then go Wednesday and Thursday and take Friday off. Otherwise it kind of screwed up my whole schedule. I don’t want to ride her more than a couple of days in a row right now since she’s just coming back to work.

But when I proceeded to get to the same side of the city as the barn…it started to get really foggy. Which at that point is not a good sign. We are right by a big lake muskeg and it usually makes it way foggier out there than anywhere else around the city. So I decided to skip the barn and just go home.

And then I flip-flopped a bit.

me the whole way there

And then I was at the township road to head out to the barn. Sooo I did.

Which then turned into this :



Maybe not the wisest decision, like the fog could have been worse, and I could have been driving completely blind, but it was still pretty bad.

But whatever was out in the fog, was making the cows across the road upset. Which then made my horse upset stupid. No one was home in her brain. She is such a saint almost every other day, I should cut her a break. But seriously horse. W.T.F

giraffe mode activated


When I had to move the mounting block to get on is when I really should have taken it as a clue that it was going to be an interesting ride. But I waited until we almost made one lap around the arena and then just about came before I realized how spooky she really was.

25 minutes later we had a slight resemblance of a “relaxed” horse.

But once we were down at the barn again, and I was going back and forth putting my stuff in the tack room, going to my car because how dare I forget her peppermints, Lilly, the barn dog, would not stop following me around.

look at this adorable face

She never sticks around the barn. Ever. Unless her bestie Loki is there. She comes to my car, says hi and then leaves. Every time. She never sits outside the barn door and waits. Or follows me into the tack room or to put my horse away. On an already eerie night, she just made it a bit more creepy – like something was out there.

Can you tell I listen to A LOT of true crime and spooky stories? LOL.

Maybe next time I go when I shouldn’t, and its foggy, and the cows are yelling I will just pet my pony and go home.



2 thoughts on “Sometimes I do things I shouldn’t…

  1. It’s like that M Night Shamalan (too lazy to look up the actual spelling his name) movie about the giant flying alien bugs in the mist!!! Bwahaha! Glad nothing got you and that the spookiness was just in your head 🙂

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