Why I don’t “do” goals.

So goals really are not my thing. For several reasons. Matt Brown did an interesting series on “Not focusing on your goals” that spoke to me. Granted I didn’t read every single word here because…well you guys know I don’t really read a ton of articles online. While I do intend to fully read the entire series, right now I am going to do some typing.

They do not always work out.

This is a big reason why I don’t do goals. I am fairly competitive. And not winning, or not getting everything done that I want to do really weighs on me. I am also fairly anxious and get stressed easily. So yeah writing down “goals” is a great idea…they just stress me out and then make me sad when I don’t accomplish them.

Not a trailer, but still a big purchase


I like to be “go big, or go home” when I have written goals out. Like back in 2017 when I wrote about doing an ‘A’ jumper show, or buying a horse trailer. While yeah, those are things that I did WANT to do, they weren’t really something that was ever in my budget. Or things I was ready to get done. While they may not seem unrealistic to some people, they kind of were, and still are, to me.

Fixed, not growth.

In the first part of the series that Matt Brown did, he wrote a lot about fixed goals and growth goals. In the past I have almost strictly written fixed goals. I want to do do THIS which leads to disappointment when you don’t get THAT done. Yes, you may be closer to getting THAT done, but when you do not get IT done, and That was your goal, you tend to forget about what I did to get there.

I have learned, that for me personally, writing out these “definitive” or fixed goals just does not work. I need to focus more on the “How did I get to there” vs. the “I need to get to there” ideology. It works better for my brain.

I also need to not stress about what other people’s goals are compared to mine. Which I do a lot. Everyone’s journey is different. Everyone’s budget for things is different. I need to focus more on what I can do for Luna and I and not think about what other people are doing and comparing us to that.

always on a journey

So this year, I will be doing something a little “different” then what other bloggers do when it comes to “goals”.

Do you like to write out goals? Or do you like to do something different?

7 thoughts on “Why I don’t “do” goals.

  1. The past couple years I’ve focused on changing how I write my goals, making them more about the journey and things that I can control. I don’t write them to be about results or scores or any of that, because I feel like that puts the wrong kind of pressure on the situation, and totally misses the point. I like having SOME kind of goals, I think it’s fun to say “I’d really like to do this” and then actually get it done. It feels good. But I’m much more careful and deliberate these days in what goals I set and how I word them.

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    1. I definitely have the things I want to do. And will probably write them down this year…maybe haha. The pressure of calling it a goal though makes me end up not wanting to get it done anymore.


  2. i agree with you sometimes the setting of the goals is so stressful. I hate when work even makes me set goals. I mean i agree with Amanda’s view Lowkey and more like what you want to do…almost casual….

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    1. If work made me set goals I would be not so nicely telling them to shove it. Although I don’t work in the type of setting that would do that. My work is super casual…maybe that’s why my view on goals etc has turned super duper casual lately. I didnt even do any for 2018


  3. Im the exact same!! As soon as I fail to reach a goal, I lose all interest and motivation and question the point of riding. Its terrible, but ive come to accept it. As a way of correcting it, ive set very easy and achievable goals while constantly reminding myself they *can* change based on weather, injury, etc.. As long as they dont change based on me being lazy, lol. When considering the Fixed vs Growth, I suppose all my goals are growth related and I suppose I find fixed goals pretty daunting – mostly because they all seem to trigger my anxiety for one reason or another lol!

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    1. Lol as soon as I don’t reach one I say screw it to all of them lol.
      I’m very set in my ways and goal setting and not reaching those goals has put a damper on my mentality regarding riding in the past so I will be changing that for sure !


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