Yeah, I’m gonna talk about mushrooms. Because my coach brought up mushrooms in my lesson last Friday a couple of weeks ago  But really it won’t last for long.

I made a correction, albeit a few seconds late, to a fairly small evasion beginning the talk about evasions and how if you let them keep happening, they just keep getting bigger and bigger. “You need to shut it down before it takes off like … a wild ring of mushrooms”. Insert giggles because it was funny.  BUT she does have a point, and it is true.

Luna is the Queen of subtility. She can just pop her ribcage a little to the left, just slight enough that sometimes I don’t know, or question whether or not she is doing it, and then the thought goes through her mind – Well I got away with that, let me try something a bit bigger. Which if left unchecked, turns into bigger and bigger evasions, making for a harder ride and an incorrect way of going. We don’t want that.

my horses reaction to all the things

Much like what mushrooms do when they are left unchecked. They just grow, and grow…..and grow.

Each ride since, I have worked on feeling the evasions that are oh so easy for her and trying to correct them a bit quicker. It’s been hard. Her fitness level is coming back much quicker than mine is so she can push me around so easily. It’s not fun. I feel like I don’t know how to ride anymore.

featuring the random face on my horses neck

So don’t let those mushrooms grow ! LOL.


3 thoughts on “Mushrooms

  1. ha i like that analogy! and it’s so so so true, too. i have to be really quick to correct any of the small stuff lest it escalates into anything bigger. tho being really really clear in that way honestly makes my horse happier – he likes it when i give him black and white parameters!

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