What day is it ?

It’s riding day !

Warm enough

That’s right. It’s pretty much warm enough the next couple of days to actually get on my horse. Sure, it’s a bit colder then I would like it to be to ride in, but the over night temperatures aren’t terrible and I’m sick of this not rising bs. It’s been two weeks ! We are both going stir crazy !

It’s been so cold out that this disgusting pee-berg was attached to the tail cord of one of my Rambo liners. Can you say YUCK. Mares are nasty beaches.

So keep your fingers cross that it will stay warm enough throughout the day that I can actually get on and ride !

Who pissed off Elsa ?

If it was you, can you please apologize ? Because I would really like to NOT have approximately 500 blankets on my horse anymore !!

By now, pretty much everyone’s been hit by some wonky weather….it just so happens to be that it is stuck over Alberta at the moment and isn’t planning on going away anytime soon.

We are both over it

We’ve had such a mild winter so far and I feel like this is mother nature making up for it. “Spring” has showed its face at least 3 times, just for winter to come roaring back in. Like last weekend when we got 12+cm of snow right before this cold snap.

I want this back


You can see Luna’s increasingly angry mare-face as each layer goes back on in the photo’s below.

Who else is stuck in this deep freeze with 500 blankets on their horse? I haven’t been on my horse for a week and I would really like to get back to riding soon please!