Who pissed off Elsa ?

If it was you, can you please apologize ? Because I would really like to NOT have approximately 500 blankets on my horse anymore !!

By now, pretty much everyone’s been hit by some wonky weather….it just so happens to be that it is stuck over Alberta at the moment and isn’t planning on going away anytime soon.

We are both over it

We’ve had such a mild winter so far and I feel like this is mother nature making up for it. “Spring” has showed its face at least 3 times, just for winter to come roaring back in. Like last weekend when we got 12+cm of snow right before this cold snap.

I want this back


You can see Luna’s increasingly angry mare-face as each layer goes back on in the photo’s below.

Who else is stuck in this deep freeze with 500 blankets on their horse? I haven’t been on my horse for a week and I would really like to get back to riding soon please!

6 thoughts on “Who pissed off Elsa ?

  1. lol so true story: in my feed reader this post was right next to an Aussie blogger’s post about the extreme heat they’re facing… hope you’re staying warm! we’re having a bit of a break right now but i’m sure it’ll be back…

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    1. Oh no! I feel like an insane heat wave might be worse? But that is too funny.
      It was supposed to warm up for Monday, but now it’s pushed back till Wednesday before we get some relief. I have to get on her this weekend, shes a bit wild.


  2. When I was out on Wednesday I stuck my hand under Phanton’s blanket to check how warm she was and got a very pissy mare face.
    At least we broke the -20 mark yesterday! Won’t happen again for a few more days!

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    1. I haven’t seen that face yet! She has been extremely snugly this whole week which is unlike her.
      Not till Tuesday at least. But I have to ride her this weekend. She is wild. I would rather be on her then letting her loose in the arena because she will just run and run and not let me catch her!


  3. Hi there! I found your blog on Emma’s sidebar – we just started layering last night (well my horse got layered because no one bothered to tell me how cold it’s been at the barn and he needed a heavier blanket.) Alas that is winter for us – at least Spring is around the corner!

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    1. Hi ! I have layered so much that I don’t have anymore blankets to put on my horse!
      I sure hope its around the corner, Luna hasn’t started shedding yet…she’s usually the first one shedding, and in early January. Not this year – eek!


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