What day is it ?

It’s riding day !

Warm enough

That’s right. It’s pretty much warm enough the next couple of days to actually get on my horse. Sure, it’s a bit colder then I would like it to be to ride in, but the over night temperatures aren’t terrible and I’m sick of this not rising bs. It’s been two weeks ! We are both going stir crazy !

It’s been so cold out that this disgusting pee-berg was attached to the tail cord of one of my Rambo liners. Can you say YUCK. Mares are nasty beaches.

So keep your fingers cross that it will stay warm enough throughout the day that I can actually get on and ride !

10 thoughts on “What day is it ?

    1. Lol thanks! I am excited. Hopefully I don’t die. It will only be a walk/trot ride, but she’s been a little exciteable lately.
      And yeah, its nasty. I tried to kick it off and it was just tooo solid!


    1. LOL.
      I couldn’t live without snow, specially at christmas, but I could do with a much more mild winter climate. Like the Okanagan. Wine, horses, warm temperatures – yes please!


    1. You get used to it? Lol.
      It has been so mild all winter. And usually we get a few of these days thrown in here or there. But not this time around. This is the coldest it has been, for the longest period of time in the area for about 21 years.


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