That’s the only way to describe what is going on with my horse right now. Not quite right.


We’ve had a pretty easy week, she’s had some body work, now we are just waiting for the vet to come out on Friday.

And it’s not just a case of the Nasty Mare Syndrome either. Which it probably wasn’t when she was so nasty a few weeks ago either. I’m feeling pretty bummed out and sorry for myself. Plus I am not patient, I don’t want to wait till Friday.

I have my fingers crossed it isn’t what I think might be going on according to some people, but I don’t have my hopes up.


14 thoughts on “NQR

    1. I know you do, I was thinking about the shower wine of yours the other day lol.
      I am really hoping that it isn’t what I am thinking it is and she will be fine. My gut is really telling me otherwise.

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