The Move.

Well we made the move…almost two months ago now LOL. What can I say, life has been busy and I just have not had any time to blog.

First of all, Luna self-loaded. So gold star for her there.

She sort of made friends

Secondly – everything else went equally as well ! She did NOT want to share Twiggy with the rest of the mares in the pasture, but they seem to have made some friends finally ! Thank god, because my horse doesn’t make friends easily. Lol.

theres even room for puppy parking lol

I really miss my tack house locker that I was able to have at the old barn. It fit so much stuff. Like all of my stuff, and there is a lot of  it! I could even fit all of my blankets in it easily ! Current locker is a good size for being a barn locker, but I don’t have any shelves or anything in it and it is hard to get everything in there without piling stuff on top of other stuff.

Luna isn’t the only one that is on the move either…


R and I are selling our house ! We’ve had a couple of viewing so far that haven’t gone anywhere but at this point it has only been on the market for a week so hopefully we get something soon ! Wish us luck !





Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes !

A lot has happened in the last week and a bit since I have sat down to write out any blog posts ! My life is always hectic, it’s just been a little bit more stressful lately.

I don’t think my horses back is sore anymore….

Luna is allowed back into “full work” again. We are just taking it extremely slow as I really would like to keep her back protected and gain as much proper muscling as we can without over doing it. Not a lot of fast work, mostly walk/trot and long and low trying to sretch out that back and work it better.

She has been feeling so much better since the vet was out. The difference has been crazy. I had had a lady out to do a PEMF treatment on her on Friday, my old trainer, who I’ve been using as a personal trainer to help myself, is coming to see her next weekend to give us a program and see how we are affecting each other. I feel so much better when I stick to her program, so I am looking forward to what she will do for the both of us.

contemplating life and clean saddle pads

My parents were down the weekend before Easter and we got to meet their new doggo Bella !

Bella the model

There was lots of beagle yelling as she was very put out that her grandma and grandpa would DARE bring a new dog into HER own house !

But the biggest change of all is horse related….we are moving barns! It’s been a change I’ve been thinking about for a while now, but it is finally coming to fruition !

Luna’s excited to move !


Sometimes I do things I shouldn’t…

Like go to the barn on nights that its poured for a few hours, on top of the snow we have. Or when its creepily foggy out.

in the driveway, you can see the moisture hanging out

I was really gung-ho to go to the barn on Monday night because of how my schedule is going to work out this week. I’d go Monday, take Tuesday off, then go Wednesday and Thursday and take Friday off. Otherwise it kind of screwed up my whole schedule. I don’t want to ride her more than a couple of days in a row right now since she’s just coming back to work.

But when I proceeded to get to the same side of the city as the barn…it started to get really foggy. Which at that point is not a good sign. We are right by a big lake muskeg and it usually makes it way foggier out there than anywhere else around the city. So I decided to skip the barn and just go home.

And then I flip-flopped a bit.

me the whole way there

And then I was at the township road to head out to the barn. Sooo I did.

Which then turned into this :



Maybe not the wisest decision, like the fog could have been worse, and I could have been driving completely blind, but it was still pretty bad.

But whatever was out in the fog, was making the cows across the road upset. Which then made my horse upset stupid. No one was home in her brain. She is such a saint almost every other day, I should cut her a break. But seriously horse. W.T.F

giraffe mode activated


When I had to move the mounting block to get on is when I really should have taken it as a clue that it was going to be an interesting ride. But I waited until we almost made one lap around the arena and then just about came before I realized how spooky she really was.

25 minutes later we had a slight resemblance of a “relaxed” horse.

But once we were down at the barn again, and I was going back and forth putting my stuff in the tack room, going to my car because how dare I forget her peppermints, Lilly, the barn dog, would not stop following me around.

look at this adorable face

She never sticks around the barn. Ever. Unless her bestie Loki is there. She comes to my car, says hi and then leaves. Every time. She never sits outside the barn door and waits. Or follows me into the tack room or to put my horse away. On an already eerie night, she just made it a bit more creepy – like something was out there.

Can you tell I listen to A LOT of true crime and spooky stories? LOL.

Maybe next time I go when I shouldn’t, and its foggy, and the cows are yelling I will just pet my pony and go home.



Happy Thanksgiving!

Today is Thanksgiving Day up here in Canada, which means I haven’t been home since Friday afternoon. I’ve travelled up to Northern Alberta to spend the weekend with my mom and my puppers.

stealing gpas chair

My Dad and Brother are always gone hunting, so it’s usually just Mom, my SIL and Hubby if he isn’t working. And he was working this weekend so we left him at home !

Being at of the city has been so relaxing. The highway in front of my parents is “closed” due to bridge construction over the creek so its incredibly quiet. Literally nothing else but my Uncle’s farm is around them.

of course we got snow

The night I came home I was following my Dad past the turnoff out to their house and talking to Hubby over Bluetooth trying to decide if it was my Dad or not…until he went through the detour and down the closed off way. That’s when I knew it was him LOL.


Spent the weekend eating, hanging out, looking at puppies and visiting my other two favorite doggo’s.


rocket dog

I hope everyone else has had a fantastic long weekend and Happy Thanksgiving!