Million pounds.

That’s what it’s been like to ride my horse lately.

Yeah, she’s coming back, I get that, it is just sort of disappointing as she was going soooo well. I know it will take the time to come back to where she was. But I did enough rehab with Calika, that this time around I am feeling super rushed to get her back to work.

I just want to do all of the things again!

we can at least look the part

I figured that I would try her in the Pelham on Sunday’s ride to see if she needed a bit of a reminder about what life was about now that we are doing things again and not on vacation. It didn’t work as I had hope.

We’ve only cantered 2, maybe 3 times in the last …. what, 2 weeks? I can’t even remember how long she has been back under saddle already. But I have been taking it really slow. Lot’s of transitions, circles, bending etc. But my god, the weight in my hands is a killer. And in the canter she feels like a wild banshee taking me for a ride. The Pelham did help with that a wee bit on Sunday’s ride. As in there was some steering and not as much exuberance.

being pretty is her thing

I’ve also been feeling like I no long know how to ride. I put my left leg on and somehow I am out to the right with my upper body. She has a mini spook and I swear I am falling off backwards at a freaking walk. We get fancy prancy because the poles and standards at the far end of the arena are going to eat us and I just…do weird things.

None of this is helping the million pounds in my hands. I feel like I am kind of doing an okay-ish job of staying out of her way when we are moving around but I know that she is a mirror of me. I am also not scheduled to start lessons until January so I am on my own.

think we are both doing this

In the meantime, while I try to remember how to ride my horse, I am going to go grab some cookies and contemplate getting in riding shape again.


Ps – In the above picture….if you look really hard at that plastic bag, you can see the weights I bought this weekend to help with my exercise program that I am supposed to be doing….wishful thinking on my behalf? lololol.


Brain Block

Do you ever just have nothing to write about?

Like nothing at all?

my brain 

This is one of those posts. 

I am just so stuck on something to blog about. It’s like I have all of these idea’s, but I just CANNOT sit down and type it all out. If you talked to me in person, I do not have this problem one bit. I will talk allllll day along about everything. But writing ? Nope, just cannot seem to do it. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t actually have to happen RIGHT NOW?

also my brain

Sure, this week I will have at least two posts out, maybe three, but that is really only because I got this fancy new laptop and I love it and I just want to use it. Using it only for Facebook seems like such a waste. So here I am, on a Saturday night, typing this out. 

Sure, I want to write about big, important things – but to sit down and do it? Nah, would rather go ride my horse. Or eat some food. Maybe I should blog about food? I like food. A lot. 

mmmmm food

You know what I like more though? My horse. 

long time ago

So where do the rest of you in blog land get your inspiration from? What kinds of things do you enjoy reading about? Because we all enjoy reading different things ! And no harm in that!

big booty beeeches

For now, I am going to go have a glass of wine and go to bed early like the 90 year old woman I secretly am !

Ps – I realize that this post is much like my post on Monday… bad. But I am leaving it scheduled because I at least took the time to write it all out. LOL

M.I.A lately.

Not that I am actually posting that much on a normal basis, but some of you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting really AT ALL over the last few weeks. 

Luna’s been off, so it’s not like much has been going on with her. I couldn’t be bothered to post a bunch of pictures of her miserable in a stall and what her poop looked like, how many there were and how much she pee’d. While those are all important things to us horse people, no one REALLY wants to read about that! 

who wants to read boring?

Luna also being off has actually made me a sad panda. More then it should have. It’s not like she is broken. She JUST has a cut. And I’ve needed to remind myself of that several times over the last few weeks. I just get sucked into the vortex of “what if” and then starting thinking about everything else that could happen because of it being a cut. It is a vicious circle.

me literally the whole last five weeks

I’ve finally gotten myself back to feeling more “normal”. I am doing things again other then sitting on the couch playing video games. My migraines have kind of mostly gone away now. I’m cooking again. Now that I am back on my horse, I think I will be feeling even better. 

The other reason that I haven’t really posted at all is because my ancient decrepit MacBook Pro decided it didn’t want to work anymore. 

I CANNOT write blog posts when I am on break at work. I just cannot concentrate. At all. There are too many nosies, too many people, and just too many distractions. And seeing as that was the only access that I had to a computer it just was not happening.

Until Thursday that is. 

Helllllooooo beautiful

Happy Early Christmas to me – Thank you wonderful Husband! I am hoping that I can get back to this a bit more. Literally have been at home for maybe two hours with this beauty and I have already typed out two posts and have them scheduled – go me!

What kinds of things keeps you guys from getting posts out on the regular?

just because


If you don’t follow me on any social media, and couldn’t tell from my Wordless Wednesday post – Luna came home on the weekend.

here it is again

Of course it didn’t go smoothly. That just would not be in the typical Luna fashion! First off, I couldn’t even find my horse LOL. I hadn’t been at the rehab barn during the day when she was being turned out and the directions were vague since they were watching the races when I asked and I didn’t want to interrupt. Luna was just standing there staring at me like “MOM, I am over here, how dare you miss me!”. And then we attempted to put her in the trailer.

her brain + trailer loading

No clue as to why she just can’t with trailer loading anymore. Since this ordeal started she is just giving everyone the big FFFFFF you when it comes to getting on the trailer. Drugs help, but that’s not a long-term solution at all.

we made it though

We did eventually get home, and then had to wait around before the sleepy drugs wore off. Considering that she has been off for almost 5 weeks now, she is looking pretty darn good. We’ve also been given the clear to start riding again – as long as the granulation doesn’t crack, we can start getting back at it!

And some gross pictures just to end off this post…#sorrynotsorry

I am so excited that we can get back to our normal!

Here’s what’s up.

So I posted a couple of weeks ago about how my weekend didn’t go quite how I had planned it out and haven’t written anything up since then. I have posted a bit on IG and my Facebook if you follow me on either of those, but nothing too detailed.

Almost 3 weeks ago, I went out to the barn to find Luna’s leg looking like this –

doesn’t look toooo bad

So I emailed my normal vet and she told me to bring her in because of where it was and the worry about affecting the joint. Okay, cool. Did that. Not affecting the joint at all (thank god), just deep and yucky.


Stall rest for 3-4 weeks and then turnout into a small pen….Okay we can manage.

Brought in a friend for the first couple of days so she could settle into a stall. Did well. Turned him out. still did okay. BUT was a little sad. Little lonely….maybe not drinking as much….Okay we can deal with that. Put some stuff in her water to try to get her to drink on I think the Thursday (1st) and hoped for the best.

Well that didn’t do the trick. Had a colicky horse that only pooped once from like 6 am on Friday (2nd) till when I got to the barn at like 6 pm. Boo. *insert crying here*. Of course I noticed all of this AFTER I had wrapped and walked her.


Luckily I know some pretty awesome people and one of my friends came and picked her up.

Things seemed okay, she just wasn’t right and it wasn’t too serious. Luna was madddddd though because they stuck things where things don’t belong and the giraffe DID NOT LIKE IT. We decided it was best that she stayed the night…just in case.

When I talked with the vet in the morning it was decided that the antibiotics she had been on were probably what had caused the upset stomach so that was an easy fix.

I also made the decision to move her for the time being. She’s at a barn that does lay-up board and there are other horses stuck inside with her and people are always around. Paying for the peace of mind is definitely worth it.

But then we had an other “emergency” vet visit last Saturday – whilte my parents were here. Because that’s how my horse rolls. Now we are dealing with Cellulitis! Yippee! Different antibiotics now will hopefully do the trick and get her feeling better. She’s definitely been in a lot better of a mood since Saturday at least.  Although I think she was happy because my parents came out and all my Dad did was feed her carrots and let her be a bad pony….


Not how I wanted my weekend to go.


Went out to the barn on Sunday to find Luna’s leg looking like that. Lovely eh? It isn’t too terrible looking in that photo. But cleaning it up it looked a bit more disgusting.


Off the the vet yesterday and at least got good news – the joint hasn’t been compromised at all. But now she gets to be on stall rest for at least two weeks with dressing changes every couple of days and antibiotics.

Have I mentioned that she has never been stalled before? This could be fun!

What do you guys do to keep your ponies busy when they are stuck in the barn by themselves?

All the new things.

Sooo….I have a shopping problem. And working in a tack store does not help this problem at all, it is actually WHY I have said…issue.  Like 100% why I have this problem.

Asmar All Weather Rider Jacket

So far I am loving this, and plan to review it….once I get a chance to ride in it!

putting this in the middle because it has both


To be fair, these were a birthday present so I didn’t pay for them, that counts for something right?

Kastel Shirt


Because new color – why not?!

Clippers + New Blanket(s) + Browband +Bit


Luna had more than one whole new outfit. Browband – which was a gift from my amazing saddle fitter – with a matching purple saddle pad. Two new winter blankets to keep her warm after she is nekkid from the new clippers. She’s spoiled. I don’t care. My horse gets all of my money while I’m sitting over here in faded old t-shirts that probably only cost me $10.

me when i look at all of the stuff my horse has

It has been a very expensive Fall for me. What have you guys had to replace recently ?

5 things that work for me

To add to the post from the other week about the 5 Things That Didn’t Work For Me, I should add some positivity up in here and write about 5 Things I absolutely LOVE!

1- SSG Technical Gloves


Yes, these gloves aren’t the “prettiest”, but I really don’t care. The gloves aren’t the most important part of the outfit anyways! I think they look kind of neat personally.

The most important thing about these gloves is that they LAST. I have had the same pair for probably 4 years, and other than the fact that I lost one, I would still be using them. A couple of my fingers have popped through, but for schooling it doesn’t really concern me. I can just throw these in the wash and call it good.

SSG has definitely been my favorite brand of gloves because they fit my hands well, which is why they last so long. I have tried at least 3-4 other brands and none of them last. The ones that people always rave about? They died in 4-6 months which was not okay by me.

2 – Kask Helmets

My head is giant. HUGE. Literally the biggest sizes that most helmet makers even make…IF they make them that big! Finding a helmet has always been a giant pain in the rear. So when a different helmet pops up on my radar and comes in my size I am instantly interested.

the one i currently have

I first came across this 1-2 years ago when they started popping up on Instagram and Facebook and was instantly in love with them. The problem was finding one to try on without having to buy one and return it because I am cheap and not buying things at full price…

When the boss decided to finally bring them in I put my name down for one in my massively huge size and thank god it fit.

Their “self-adapting adjusting system” in the back of the helmet gives a more secure feeling to the overall fit of the helmet unlike a “normal” helmet system. I’ve yet to have any compression of the foam in the inside and after several months of wearing it, the liner still isn’t gross or anything. I will be real here – the liner is a bonus but I cannot ever remember to take it home, clean it and then remember to bring it back to the barn!

the one i want

3 – Freejump Stirrups

Safety stirrups that aren’t the gross old metal irons with the rubber band on the outer branch? Yes please !


Again, I spend WAY too much time on the interwebz looking at stuff….which is bad for my wallet. When I saw these, I knew I needed them. They looked neat, they had great tread, the foot bed was wide and the added safety branch was neat.

So of course I ordered them. And got a hella good deal on them through Divoza.

They’ve made a world of difference in the knee/ankle pain that I used to get while riding, primarily in just my right leg. I can’t remember the last time I had any pain since I switched to these babies. They are also the grippiest stirrups I have ever used/seen in my life which I like. Not so much of a big deal anymore now that I’m not really jumping, but when someone wants to bronc, it does come in handy.

4 – Romfh Isabella Breeches

Switching to primarily Dressage, while boring at times, has meant that I needed to shop for new EVERYTHING. YAY! More shopping ! I quickly found out that getting away with only having knee patch breeches just was NOT going to work.

Before I got these, I think I tried on EVERY SINGLE pair of full seats we had in the store…that was a lot of work. The waist bands were too thin, they sat funny, I couldn’t swing my leg over a saddle in them, they looked terrible. These were the last ones to be tried on because they were also some of the most expensive ones in the store – of course. Which also means that they were the ones that fit the best 🙄

I really like the silicone “full seat”. I didn’t like the pattern on it to start but it definitely grew on me and I’m glad for the pattern because it keeps the silicone from being too grippy.

These have also been wearing like iron so for the price they are well worth it.

5 – Ogilvy Saddle Pads

I may not like their half pads, but I have a slight obsession with their saddles pads. Add in that they are made in Canada and I am an even bigger fan.

these aren’t even all of them

Luna has huge, long withers, and most pads, specially dressage pads, do not have enough wither relief. Most dressage pads actually don’t have any shape to them really. There are some that have a little bit of shape, but not nearly enough for my needs. But the Ogilvy’s have so much shape to them.

They also come in pretty colors and I always order myself a new one when I do an order at work. Pony likes them, I like them, they don’t do anything word so A+.

I have too many things, and really like those too many things, so writing this post was actually harder than I thought it would be. Like way harder. Which is why its taken me a couple of weeks to write.  That and I have had zero time to do anything!

So what are you guy’s favorite things?!