It’s Amazing.

Isn’t it amazing how much you can learn when you take a step back from things?

We are taking August off from jumping since I needed a break (financially and mentally) so I have been trying to do more low key type of stuff lately. Trail rides, road riding, just getting out of the sand box as much as possible.

It rained yesterday afternoon so it was too soft to go out anywhere. So I hopped on bareback with a rope halter instead in the arena.

You would think after being told to sit left by my dressage coach, that you know, I would understand that, but that is NOT how my brain works apparently! Getting on bareback and ACTUALLY sitting more on my left side and feeling the different in Luna finally made me realize what I was doing!

It’s the little things that make you see the big picture! Even if they have been staring at you for a loooong time!