If you don’t follow me on any social media, and couldn’t tell from my Wordless Wednesday post – Luna came home on the weekend.

here it is again

Of course it didn’t go smoothly. That just would not be in the typical Luna fashion! First off, I couldn’t even find my horse LOL. I hadn’t been at the rehab barn during the day when she was being turned out and the directions were vague since they were watching the races when I asked and I didn’t want to interrupt. Luna was just standing there staring at me like “MOM, I am over here, how dare you miss me!”. And then we attempted to put her in the trailer.

her brain + trailer loading

No clue as to why she just can’t with trailer loading anymore. Since this ordeal started she is just giving everyone the big FFFFFF you when it comes to getting on the trailer. Drugs help, but that’s not a long-term solution at all.

we made it though

We did eventually get home, and then had to wait around before the sleepy drugs wore off. Considering that she has been off for almost 5 weeks now, she is looking pretty darn good. We’ve also been given the clear to start riding again – as long as the granulation doesn’t crack, we can start getting back at it!

And some gross pictures just to end off this post…#sorrynotsorry

I am so excited that we can get back to our normal!

Here’s what’s up.

So I posted a couple of weeks ago about how my weekend didn’t go quite how I had planned it out and haven’t written anything up since then. I have posted a bit on IG and my Facebook if you follow me on either of those, but nothing too detailed.

Almost 3 weeks ago, I went out to the barn to find Luna’s leg looking like this –

doesn’t look toooo bad

So I emailed my normal vet and she told me to bring her in because of where it was and the worry about affecting the joint. Okay, cool. Did that. Not affecting the joint at all (thank god), just deep and yucky.


Stall rest for 3-4 weeks and then turnout into a small pen….Okay we can manage.

Brought in a friend for the first couple of days so she could settle into a stall. Did well. Turned him out. still did okay. BUT was a little sad. Little lonely….maybe not drinking as much….Okay we can deal with that. Put some stuff in her water to try to get her to drink on I think the Thursday (1st) and hoped for the best.

Well that didn’t do the trick. Had a colicky horse that only pooped once from like 6 am on Friday (2nd) till when I got to the barn at like 6 pm. Boo. *insert crying here*. Of course I noticed all of this AFTER I had wrapped and walked her.


Luckily I know some pretty awesome people and one of my friends came and picked her up.

Things seemed okay, she just wasn’t right and it wasn’t too serious. Luna was madddddd though because they stuck things where things don’t belong and the giraffe DID NOT LIKE IT. We decided it was best that she stayed the night…just in case.

When I talked with the vet in the morning it was decided that the antibiotics she had been on were probably what had caused the upset stomach so that was an easy fix.

I also made the decision to move her for the time being. She’s at a barn that does lay-up board and there are other horses stuck inside with her and people are always around. Paying for the peace of mind is definitely worth it.

But then we had an other “emergency” vet visit last Saturday – whilte my parents were here. Because that’s how my horse rolls. Now we are dealing with Cellulitis! Yippee! Different antibiotics now will hopefully do the trick and get her feeling better. She’s definitely been in a lot better of a mood since Saturday at least.  Although I think she was happy because my parents came out and all my Dad did was feed her carrots and let her be a bad pony….