Lesson night recap : STOP PULLING

An other Tuesday, an other lesson done.

Going into this lesson, I didn’t really want to ride/jump. Life has been hectic and evenings are for going to bed early and sleeping. Nothing else. However, that rarely happens. Let’s not forget to mention that massive thunderstorm rolling through RIGHT BEFORE lesson time!

We were still in dressage land after our lesson on Friday, and sometimes dressage land has us in a much stronger feel then I want when I want to stop pulling to the jumps.

We worked on raised trot poles on the diagonal, with lots of changes of bend before changing that to canter bounces. Luna rocked all of this. Then we added the 4 other jumps set up….I pulled to nearly 90% of them. It was not a ride where I had my poop in a group at all.

Things I think my coach gets sick of saying:


One would think that I would STOP pulling by now but apparently it is well ingrained into my brain at this point and just happens! I don’t mean to pull but it just happens when I space out! I need to stop.

Writing out these lesson recaps (when I can remember too) will help me learn more from my rides vs. just thinking about it while I ride. At least that is what I am hoping it does. If I could just stop my bad habit of pulling life would go so much easier for the both of us!


Blog Fail: Lesson Recaps

In the last two weeks, I have had 3 lessons. Have I recapped on any of them? That is a big fat NOPE. Life is busy, it is hard to find the time to sit down and actually write a post. Specially last last Sunday I decided to clean out the basement – who am I?!

So let’s get to it then…

Sunday June 4th

This was a make up lesson since coach couldn’t make it the previous Tuesday. She had a small grid set up, with a 4 stride set up on the opposite long side. Easy peasy right…..?




The grid was a bounce to a one stride vertical…distances are not my thing, and we don’t always have quick foot work. Luna warmed up fantastic, as per usual, can never fault her on the flat, she is awesome and puts up with my sometimes gorilla-ishness.

I was slightly worried about this to be honest, sometimes it takes a time or two to get her to pick her feet up and put them where they belong, but she was SUPER! I was getting a bit ahead of her to the vertical but Coach made my close my eyes and even though I was ready to poop my pants, we did it!

The whole ride was actually quite awesome and I was super happy with little mare!

Tuesday June 6th

This lesson did not go nearly as good….

Fat warmblood mare + second time jumping in a week = LAZY and TIRED = not a fun ride.

Coach set up quite the course in our small indoor. Bendy lines, 2 strides, more then one oxer….I wasn’t too worried about it. But it also meant I couldn’t use the arena quite like I normally would like to during my warm up. At this point, I am thinking its more of a mean thing, then a Luna thing, but when I can’t warm up like I like to, my rides never go as I would like.

We were doing okayish – and then we added the 2 stride in. You would have thought we had asked her to do a GP dressage test. Neither of us could get our poop in a group and I pulled and pulled pretty much the whole ride. I am glad that there were is no media from this ride!

Tuesday June 13th

 I knew thus ride “needed” to go good. We were planning on going xc schooling on the Thursday and I knew going into that, that if we didnt have a good ride I would not be feeling very confident going xc !

Well pony did not disappoint !

I had gone to Coaches barn on the weekend and rode one of her students horse to help me “train my eye for a longer stride” and riding someone else’s horse made me realize a more forward pace is okay, and what I need to be feeling on Luna.

So forward I went !

Coach had a zig zag pattern set up down the center line so we could work on turns. Turning isn’t hard….keeping the pace THROUGH the turn is whats hard. I am having a hard time staying finding the perfect balance point to sit a bit more, but still light and not getting ahead of her, or sitting and then getting left behind.

But by goly, WE FRICKING GOT IT! We nailed every single distance, I didn’t pull and we took all the longer/better distances, except for one which we both saw. I only ended up going through it completely twice, but I just had to end it on a good note because she was SOO good.


It’s not often that I want to call my mare a superstar, but she deserves it after that ride! She was just amazing. I am hoping that I can keep it up, because jumping her when she is that good is just an awesome feeling!!

Finding time to write these blog posts is hard. So my question to the fellow bloggers is – how do you find the time!?