Well that was unexpected.

As you know from my last post, or if you follow me on social media, Luna hurt herself (again) last month. It was looking better, until it wasn’t – which was about a week and a half ago that it got worse.

giraffe mode engaged

Sent pictures to my vet and got a response of :

“We should x-ray that”

Because that’s exactly what a horse owner wants to hear late Friday night of a long weekend! Luckily she was already coming out to my barn on the Wednesday and I tacked onto the appointment.

You know when you can’t make it to the appointment, and someone else has to hold your horse, and you are just sitting and waiting….and waiting……..and waiting ? And how uncool it is to be waiting…. Yeah well I tend to just freak out. Which of course is exactly what I did. Of course. Good thing Luna’s favorite auntie was there and texting me about it.

I guess I had a good reason to freak out?

not supposed to look like that.

We have one very broken splint bone. YIPPEEEEEE. Not the end of the world. But right now we don’t have an idea as to what, if any, damage there is to the suspensory. Which it is rubbing on. Which is why she only had a couple days here or there of any lameness.

back to pony jail she goes

The surgery is already scheduled. She goes in Monday night to have surgery on Tuesday. It’s the same surgeon that did Calika’s colic surgery so I have no worries that he will do a fantastic job. I even get to watch.

Which may be a terrible idea.

But I don’t care because sitting at work, or even at home, during the surgery will make me have a nervous breakdown. I am super interested in seeing surgery done, just wish it wasn’t on my own horse.

So blog land, what are your tips on keeping an angry mare happy in a stall!? She was fine when she cut her other leg last year because there was usually an other horse in with her. BUT this time she is the only horse in all day. And there are bugs. Flies are annoying. Mare is already pissed off and you can see how strong her side eye is in the above picture….that was only half a day into stall rest…so throw some ideas at me please  !

sharing my wine

14 thoughts on “Well that was unexpected.

  1. My pony had splint bone surgery almost 30 years ago. Sorry – no tips on anything because it’s been so long. But I did get a party favour in that I was given the bone that was removed. You should ask for it too! Then I won’t be the only crazy horse lady with horse bones in my house….

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    1. LOL. That was one of the first things I said to my friend after we left the clinic the day I scheduled her in. If I don’t pass out I will for sure be asking for it.


  2. aw i’m so sorry 😦 glad you got answers tho, and hopefully the surgery is smooth and uncomplicated. my horse had the surgery almost two years ago and has had no issues since. during his recovery he was allowed a fair amount of (CONTROLLED) hand walking, tho had to stay in his stall in order to insure the protection of the surgical site. maybe you’ll be able to keep her entertained with walking?? good luck!

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    1. Ahh yes I remember now that he had it done ! I wish I had had even a tiny thought that this is what had happened and I would have gotten it taken care of sooner. Had absolutely NO idea. The wound was healing similiar to her injury in November so I was just going with the flow.


  3. I have a friend up in MD that just had that surgery done on her mare too. It must be contagious this year ugh!! Can’t someone stay up with her some?? Also I wonder if music or something like talk radio will help calm her a bit if no horses can stay in?? Re flies my only solution is fans. LOTS OF THEM. They do work better than anything. Also that shade cloth I got at Lowes (any open access to flies get some of this and hang it) HUGE difference with that stuff. And the horses can still see through it. My barn has barely any flies now (INSIDE ANYWAY) good luck! Can you get her a goat ? 🙂

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    1. Splints and terrible weather are the theme this year then! Its been WET WET WET. They have been in mud up to their knees for a month. Its just finally drying up out there. Its a bit chilly to have fans on her, and they only have one big one they put in the alley. Which is out so they must have used it on her last week. And there are too many open areas to hang anything reasonably.
      She seems to be doing pretty well so far. Time will tell how she handles after care though !

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      1. Lol the land of the terrible *cold* weather. I know several people that can’t wait for winter because the ground will be solid again.
        Thanks !


  4. Oh god! So sorry to see this.

    I had a boy on box rest for a fractured splint bone but we didn’t operate. He was happy in there as long as he had plenty of hay and a friend. He also had a walker when it came time to “graduate” on to that and I found it really helped.

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    1. I might have to try that.

      She seems to be fairly content right now, and we are going on just over a week of being stuck in a stall, just two more-ish to go !


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