First horse show in…..forever ?

This weekend I am taking little mare to HER FIRST EVER show. Ever as in literally ever. It is just a small schooling show that I am hoping isn’t too busy.

I myself haven’t shown in probably 4-5 years. I don’t even know HOW to show. Good thing I’m going with a couple more seasoned showers.


Here’s hoping we have a good show and I don’t have any stories to tell you !


And a pony picture for good measure !

2 thoughts on “First horse show in…..forever ?

  1. Best of luck! She looks super beautiful and capable. Once I took a client’s green broke mare to a schooling show and she was totally “that horse” in the warm up ring. I accidentally cantered up behind this lady (fancy friesian, nose way in the air) and she legitimately screamed her head off at me. But I’m sure you’ll have a better schooling show experience than me! 🙂 Whether it goes perfectly or not, you’ll still have stories to tell and feedback on what to improve on.

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