Review : Rambo Flymask Plus


Like anything I buy for Luna, I had a problem with finding a fly mask that had ears that fits. Going up a size in other fly masks meant that the rest of the fly mask was just WAY too big! Enter this fly mask…

because no one likes bugs in their face

The Fit : If you have a horse that is usually on the small side of being Full/Horse, you definitely need to go down a size. But for us, the full fit pretty good, even a little BIG in the ears! There isn’t a lot of adjust-ability in the traps at the chin and throat so you do need to make sure you are getting the right sizes if you want to keep this on your horses face. I did find that with the extended nose piece, it was much longer then I wanted…and it wouldn’t stay on. Which I think is because it is too long. She doesn’t have a white nose so it just stays off.

somehow this happened once too

The Longevity : This is our third or fourth season using this, and I am only just starting to see some wear and tear on it, which is from her trying to rub her face from the looks of it. The straps are holding up amazingly and the velcro is still super sticky – haven’t had to take a brush to it at all. Other than the slight rub spot on the hoop, there aren’t any snags or tears in it at all.

The Design : The obvious, in your face design feature is the hoop that is integrated into the mask to help keep it from caving in on the eyes. No one likes scratchy fly mask material digging into eyes! This is definitely doing its job incredibly well and I haven’t really had any issues with it caving in. Sometimes under the hoop will push in a little bit but not anything that would be bothering her eyes. I also like the two strap closures it has, I find that most other fly masks either have one, or two poorly placed straps and never stay on her face – there has only been one instance of a missing fly mask when I have gone out to get her.


your horse will also look this goofy

Overall, I really like this fly mask. It does its job of keeping the bugs off of her face and out of her ears and fits her quite well. It is also still in one piece and looks great!

Definitely gets two thumbs up from us!




2 thoughts on “Review : Rambo Flymask Plus

  1. My mare wears a fly mask from about April until September to prevent sunburn to her pink rimmed blue eyes. I bought her one of these Rambo masks a couple of years ago – she hates it. She does the drunk horse walk when I put it on, and she generally pulls it off by the next day. The only type that she seems to like is the Cashel ones – she almost never loses them. Although I do want to try one of the newer Noble ones.

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    1. It’s funny how different horses prefer different things. There’s a horse at the barn that seems to be the same as yours. I think it’s all about how it fits the horse and where exactly that hoops sits in their sight line.
      The noble ones are nice and we sell those second to the Rambo ones at the store I work at.


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