Sometimes horses aren’t involved…

This weekend we went camping with my parents. Which meant no dressage lesson and no ponies at all all weekend !


Most of the time I would rather do this then go to a show. My mind needs a vacation from everything and getting out into the forest is one damn good way to to reset.

lexie knows whats up

It also means we get to see my parents a few more times a year then we normally would. Plus camping with them means staying in a nice, DRY trailer !

We headed north to Lesser Slave Lake. The weather started out fabulous and ended up being rainy the last part of Saturday and all day till we left on Sunday but it was sooo good to get out of town !

we started sharing a chair

Now onto the pictures. That mostly involve Lexie because she is the cutest beagle pup ever.

then she got her own chair
NOT HAPPY about going home

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!!

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