Lesson update.

We’ve had a few lessons now, and of course I haven’t written anything about any of them. Husband even came to one of these lessons and got lots of media for me! And yet I still didn’t write about them. Such is life.


But also, who wants to read about how great my horse always is ? Because for reals, she is always great. I can’t say that she’s ever been bad because anytime we have had “bad” rides I have been grumpy…so that isn’t her fault.

i am oscar the grouch

We are starting to work on more advanced movements as she has been learning things SO quickly. Which may be a problem when we get out this year to show and show at Training Level ! But we will see. We might skip that if she keeps going as well as she is right now.

This video is from about a month and three lessons ago. Just watching it I can see how she has already changed so much. I wish we could get our shit together over fences like we can on the flat!

We are working on lots of counter canter and walk-canter-walk transitions. The transitions are the freaking hardest thing to do. I keep pushing down into my right stirrup which is lifting me out of the saddle and making it impossible to sit down and ask for the downwards transition. All a work in progress.

Nothing exciting has been happening, I haven’t even bought anything new lately !

happy trails

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