Brain Block

Do you ever just have nothing to write about?

Like nothing at all?

my brain 

This is one of those posts. 

I am just so stuck on something to blog about. It’s like I have all of these idea’s, but I just CANNOT sit down and type it all out. If you talked to me in person, I do not have this problem one bit. I will talk allllll day along about everything. But writing ? Nope, just cannot seem to do it. Maybe it’s because it doesn’t actually have to happen RIGHT NOW?

also my brain

Sure, this week I will have at least two posts out, maybe three, but that is really only because I got this fancy new laptop and I love it and I just want to use it. Using it only for Facebook seems like such a waste. So here I am, on a Saturday night, typing this out. 

Sure, I want to write about big, important things – but to sit down and do it? Nah, would rather go ride my horse. Or eat some food. Maybe I should blog about food? I like food. A lot. 

mmmmm food

You know what I like more though? My horse. 

long time ago

So where do the rest of you in blog land get your inspiration from? What kinds of things do you enjoy reading about? Because we all enjoy reading different things ! And no harm in that!

big booty beeeches

For now, I am going to go have a glass of wine and go to bed early like the 90 year old woman I secretly am !

Ps – I realize that this post is much like my post on Monday… bad. But I am leaving it scheduled because I at least took the time to write it all out. LOL

2 thoughts on “Brain Block

  1. oh man, this is such a hard time of year for keeping the words flowing. honestly a lot of my posts start bc i’ve got random collections of photos on my phone that i want to get posted and write about…. but then when it’s dark and everything is brown i take fewer photos and then feel like i’ve got less “content.” bleh. really tho, write about what you care about ūüėČ whether that’s just a snippet about a fun ride, or some new product that made your life 1000x better, a happy memory or a future hope, or whatever, even food haha.

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    1. I love your photo dumps! I try to find media for my posts and I realize how little pictures I actually take !
      And with you on this time of the year being harder to find the words. Like….where’s the sun? I drive to work in the dark, I drive home in the dark, I see my horse in the dark.


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